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Top 25 Fortune 500 Companies With The Most Amazing Amenities

Top 25 Fortune 500 Companies With The Most Amazing Amenities


It is probably every man or woman’s dream to work for a Fortune 500 company, particularly if you are in business. In total, Fortune 500 companies stand for two-thirds of the U.S. GDP along with $12 trillion in incomes, $840 billion in proceeds, $17 trillion in marketplace worth and retain 27.9 million individuals internationally.

So, why work for a Fortune 500 company? An occupation with a Fortune 500 company is not the same as it would be to most ordinary businesses. These are the biggest companies around. These companies are typically very famous all over the world.

A Fortune 500 corporation could be a practical choice for a job, and whether you are a new grad or an experienced, skilled person, it can be a life changing experience. Of course, getting the opportunity to get one of these corporations on your resume is usually observed as a benefit. It’s a sign that you have achieved something in your career.

However, working for a Fortune 500 company and having it on your CV is not the only great thing about them. The fact that they have some fantastic amenities doesn’t hurt either. For instance, employees are frequently able to change places of work, just by looking for a new job in the preferred location while continuing the business.

With that said, sit back and enjoy the top 25 Fortune 500 companies with the most amazing amenities

25. Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines employees amenities


Southwest Airlines doesn’t mess around when it comes to amazing amenities. In fact, they are good at encouraging their workers to get out there and play as hard as they work. Now, who doesn’t like that attitude? To make things even better they provide particular motivations just to do those things. Looking for free flights? Southwest employees get that and more. It’s free flights with the airline plus markdowns with partners to make traveling laid-back. Family and friends get guest passes as well, so no worries there. Furthermore, discounts also spread to accompanying hotels and car rental corporations.

If you love you some animals, employees can participate in this fun. They have events such as the once a year chili cook-off competition, and the Halloween get-together in which Southwest turns their commercial workplace into the Haunted H.Q. Can’t get any better than that.

24. Apple


Apple is known for its spectacular services that treat their employees like family. The primary bonus of working at Apple, at least founded on the number of appraisals that talked about it, is the sensation that your job means something and has an influence on the world. Apple might not propose as many insane incentives as Facebook and Google. Nevertheless, there are still some fantastic amenities. Several workers ranted about the awesome food at Apple’s Caffe Mac which is at the central head office in Cupertino. One worker even labeled the food as the “greatest on-site food services you could ever visualize.” Now, that sounds like some good eating.

23. Facebook

employees writing on facebook wall


Silicon Valley’s hottest sensation is Facebook. It is also home to the happiest workforce on earth. Why do we say this? Because the amenities are through the roof. Some say that going to Facebook feels like working at Disneyland. They have an underground tunnel that attaches to two precincts. They even have their own barbershop for their employees. Facebook’s property is laid out like a little metropolitan city. No joke! A cemented road runs down the center of the campus, welcoming workers to pop into the candy store, burger place, pizzeria, Mexican restaurant, barbecue shack, video arcade a coffee shop, the gym, the dry cleaners, the bank, the doctor’s office, and the dentist’s office. Aren’t you exhausted by reading all these fabulous goodies!

22. Microsoft

Microsoft EMployees


Who wants to just play at work? Well, Microsoft is a company full of surprises and amenities. Since Satya, the CEO of Microsoft second year, Microsoft goes on to continue to readjust itself around cloud processing — no mean achievement bearing in mind that it built its money-making franchise on Office software and Windows that runs on clients’ PCs and internal servers. However, you get to play around with some amazing hardware and software, and you get to donate to commodities that are used by tens, if not hundreds of millions of individuals all over the earth. Now, that’s all gravy! Well, there’s more because they have gyms and fitness centers along with on-campus marketing stores and sports fields. Microsoft even has Microsoft Connector shuttles and bus fleets for the employees.

21. Boeing

Boeing Employees


Even though they might have hit a rough spot, it doesn’t knock them off the list of having the most amazing amenities. The planet’s major aerospace company is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Are you lonely at your job? Boeing has a remedy for that; new employees won’t feel that way at Boeing, which connects new employs with their REACH program. This gets them connected with community-oriented developments. Yes, the company might have gone through some hard times, but who hasn’t? However, at the end of the day, they are a company that has exceptional customer services and outstanding support for its workers.

20. J.P. Morgan Chase


J.P. Morgan Chase is known for paying its employees well. It is part of their mission to make sure their workers are not just working, but loving what they do. J.P. Morgan Chase allows a comprehensive span of services and programs to help their employees better their profession, and grow in their profession and meet their responsibility to both their individual lives and their career. J.P. Morgan Chase does all of this by offering amazing incentives to its employees. With that being said, the company also has some other perks up their sleeves. They offer their employees great amenities and services like Otto’s Barbeque, Haircutters, and Paradise Gifts.

19. Campbells Soup Company


Don’t you just love soup? Especially, when it’s from Campbells. If you worked there, you would also enjoy their amenities. The soup corporation believes enthusiastically in the well-being of its staff, who obtain 100 percent healthcare attention, healthy cooking lessons, subsidized costs, free flu shots, and healthy meal choices in the company dining hall. Campbells likewise has on-site day care centers and fitness centers, in addition to a complete kindergarten program that is outstanding. They also have after an after-school program for kids that are six to 12 years old, and for nursing mothers a lactation room.

18. Cardinal Health

Via Cardinal

This company believes in putting their employees first. Cardinal Health, a drug retailer that likewise makes surgical apparel and gloves, has been shoring up its future salaries with a series of strategic achievements, development of its substitute care business, and upgrade of its specialty drug possessions. They are also great at approving their workers’ quality of life. Cardinal Health also presents some of the best offers for a benefits program. They also have other great perks such as an employee aid program as well as adoption assistance. If you are interested in going back to school, you’ll adore their tuition reimbursement program.

17. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Employees


This is one of the most popular Fortune 500 companies around. The 76-year-old business technology superpower spent a lot of 2015 going through one of the hardest corporate partings in history. However, this did not stop them from being good to their employees. Their Total Rewards program includes a competitive base advantage and wage, and the opulence to earn a once a year bonus manufactured on performance. The company gives its employees long-term incentives such as annual equity awards. Other aids differ from nation to nation, nonetheless overall, you can expect an extensive range of benefits as well as subsidized health insurance, and paid time off.


Via Garrett Ewald

Don’t you just love a company that just wants to take care of you? What’s wrong with being a little spoiled now and then, right? Well, anyway, TIAA-CREF like to spoil their employees. They want to make sure their workers are taken care of in many ways. The financial corporation proposes on-site health facilities as well as round-the-clock daycare at any Bright Horizons day care center. They also offer super fantastic company-funded retirement investments. Workers can likewise take advantage of the Corporate Athletic System, which lets employees play up to six athletic games on site. The company is also die hard in committing to bringing aboard veterans through their affiliation with the 100,000 Jobs Taskforce.

15. Amazon


Yes, it’s true. The everything you need store has come into a new period of accomplishment. The e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos has gone all the way from outcast to Wall Street sweetheart. This is all due to four consecutive accommodations of best profits. Amazon’s business in hardware is going places thanks to a change in their marketplace value. When it comes to their amenities, they go above and beyond for their employees. Amazon gives them good health insurance choices that are relatively priced. The stocks are the best, though.

14. Kroger


Wouldn’t you want limited items available to you at an employee discount? Well, you might want to work at Kroger. Most are aware that the supermarket business has fallen because of the fierce competition from Walmart when it comes to the grocery world.  This has been going on for over the last ten years – nevertheless, Kroger refuses to give in that easily. The Cincinnati-founded superstore giant sustained its streak in his most recent economic year, as incomes hopped 18% and marketplace share went up. When it comes to their employees, they go all out with the amenities. They get things like admission to premium features, for instance, the Wellness Program & Travel Center, plus the PerkSpot Restaurant Finder. Just to take things a step further, employees also get meaningful savings on ordinary acquisitions and large ticket items

13. Fannie Mae

Via Wall Street

Fannie Mae joins the list because of their impressive amenities. However, this mortgage-finance giant has been in conservatorship because the company almost went bust and needed a government coup in late 2009. Nevertheless, since 2012, when real estate costs starting rising again nationwide, the company has been a cash cow for the American government. However, their employees have benefited greatly from their services and programs such as childcare resources and referral, adoption expense reimbursement, and childbirth and adoption leave.

12. General Mills


These days, General Mills is the Fortune 500 company that is hot on the spot, especially when it comes to amenities. Every one of their new hires at General Mills gets three weeks paid holiday. Every year, the number just goes up, and it does this every time the workers are with the business. They can benefit from not only great life insurance but also home insurance. General Mills values employees’ wants for flexibility and presents flexible work preparations when it comes to their hours and/or the desire to telecommute. This is a company that takes its employees under their wings to make sure that they are comfortable and happy.

11. Google


Now, you can’t beat this company. If you want to have fun, work at Google. There’s a real reason why Google’s categorized in the top five of Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Fortune 500 companies to work for” in the past seven years. The corporation suggests unbelievable incentives. Among other benefits, workers can help themselves to whatever’s in the swarming cafeterias or food storerooms. They also have the luxury to use the company’s bowling alleys, gyms, or bocce courts. Google believes that if you treat people right, then you will get quality and better production from them. Boy, what a company!

10. Hershey Foods Corp


Who loves chocolate? Everybody, right? Well, so does the companies employees. Hershey proposes its workers a full range of life and health benefits. Employees normally get immediate eligibility for 401(k) backing, which Hershey Foods Corpwill match.

The beauty about those who wish to go on with their educations can be compensated for tuition. For those that love a good workout, be reimbursed for gym memberships. They can also get some fancy discounts for Weight Watchers if they are thinking about. But workers may decide to choose for inexpensive membership to the Hershey-operated fitness gyms, which is accessible not just to workers but also to their wives and husbands plus, dependents who were over 18.

9. The J.M. Smucker Company


The J. M. Smucker Company is a company that has been around for a long time. It is an American producer of shortening, fruit spreads, ice cream toppings, peanut butter, beverages, and other brands in North America. Smucker’s head offices are in Orrville, Ohio. Employees are treated like kings in this company. They do get a real welcome when they join the corporation. “Those that are new hires get a gift basket that is sent directly to their homes; other workers appreciate bowling nights and softball games,” according to Fortune.

For workers who have the time, there’s no justification not to get a second degree. The business repays workers 100 percent of tuition costs. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is!

8. Johnson & Johnson

Via Johnson &

Of course, Johnson & Johnson is known all over the world. However, many don’t know about their fabulous amenities. At the family business, Johnson & Johnson has over 12,000 workers. All of them have access to an intermediary service that will see to it that their errands get done. It doesn’t get any better than that! This spans from returning library books that are overdue to making sure your dry cleaning gets picked up on time without you having to lift a finger.

Johnson & Johnson makes the best merchandises for your family, and this is because they strive to make sure their best individuals in their company family are taken care of. Also offered is childcare for parent workers, and paid retreats.

7. AT&T

Via The

It is true that AT&T swerved off in a new direction in 2015 as some of its support businesses ran into a little distress. A continual assault from energized wireless carrier T-Mobile helped in stripping away two million of AT&T’s most money-making once-a-month mobile subscribers. On the bright side, they still managed to bring on the amenities to their employees. AT&T is known to have the best affordable benefits from any Fortune 500 company. Some company discounts are good, like on cell phones and home security. AT&T workers can plan by signing up for their AT&T Retirement Savings Plan which is very popular among the workers.

6. Ford Motor Company

ford plant employee


Looking to purchase a car the moment you start work? How about getting merit bonuses and raises every single year? Then come work for Ford Motor Company. They have the best amenities in town. This Fortune 500 company posted its best U.S. sales numbers  since 2006 by clutching a good part of the still-growing auto marketplace. Besides all of that, they have a lucrative benefits package for their employees which involved free time for maternity leave. They also have an outstanding management development program that employees are happy to take advantage of. At the end of the day, this corporation has the perks and the services that make employees want to work with them forever.

5. Mattel


Mattel is an American international toy business which originated in 1945. They are dedicated to the contentment and futures of workers’ kids. The toy establishment has its organization that is non-profit—The Mattel Children’s Foundation—which provides volunteer occasions to Mattel workers.

Personnel can likewise take advantage of a program that pays the price of adopting a child. They also have a policy that presents 16 hours of paid time off. If you have kids in school, you get the same treatment for school-linked time off such as field trips or parent-teacher conferences. And the kids will be in love with the fact that their parents are getting these amazing markdowns on toys retailed by Mattel.

4. Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh Employees

The vehicle and truck manufacturing corporation shows faithfulness to its workers through widespread advancement and training prospects. Drills can be teacher-led, video-based or web-based, and the organization likewise proposes tuition reimbursement for degrees that are advanced. They list job openings explicitly for candidates that are internal and hold a Rotational Engineer Program that provides engineers the capability to learn complex skills in a diversity of distinct units. Oshkosh Corporation also encourages workers to carry on with their educations and offer tuition repayment programs which employees are crazy about.

3. 3M Company

3M employees


Talk about a company that has some amazing perks and services. 3M Company is for sure in the game. The business is known for office products and scotch tape, nevertheless, as a company, they are recognized for their generous employee benefits. They propose the average health, dental, and vision health assistances, along with retirement and life insurance, and they likewise offer benefits to all people regardless of background.

This family-positioned business offers elder and child care consulting amenities, weight management program repayment, a smoking cessation course, stress management training, and a pharmacy, fitness center and medical clinic on site.

2. Yahoo

Via The New York

Yahoo presents incentives to its workers both in and out of the workplace. The Yahoo headquarters have on-site fitness centers with cardio-kickboxing, golf classes, and yoga. The offices are also furnished with ergonomic support chairs for greater ease.

Beyond the office, Yahoo offers its workers with markdowns to ski recourses and theme parks in California, and Yahoo co-employees even take outings together. Lately, a group from Yahoo Canada voyaged down to the South Pole as a unit. Now, how does that sound for a 9-5 job? It is probably safe to say that Yahoo seems like a company that knows how to have fun.

1. Visa


Could you imagine being rewarded just for taking public transportation to work? Gee-whiz, what a job! Guess what? Visa does this for its employees and loves doing it. Now hold on, show’s not over yet, there are other amenities that this company likes to give out. Visa workers can take part in free group exercise classes; join intramurals, sports teams and clubs, and obtain cut-rate tickets to local entertainment and recreation locations such as sports arenas, amusement parks and movie theaters.

And for those workers who can work by bike, carpool, or public transportation, Visa proposes commuter assistances to reward them for their green attempts. Now, isn’t that special? Well, there’s only one thing to say. Job applications for Visa, anybody?


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