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Locked Up: 15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Criminal Records

Locked Up: 15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Have Criminal Records

Celebrities have always been under the spotlight, whether they like it or deeply loathe it for that matter. From A-list actors to top artists, the shiny stage has surely kept some compelling stories hidden away somewhere in the dust all these years. Indeed, the community seems to have found a spark of joy in wagging a finger at all those recognizable faces when they happen to take the wrong path in life. Regardless of people’s opinions when it comes to these famous folks, partying all night long and constantly running from greedy paparazzi doesn’t really sound like the most thrilling experience.

What’s more, the burden of fame has proven to be too heavy on the shoulders of some celebrities. As a consequence, many are the examples of prominent figures who have turned to drugs as a way to cope with their hardships in life, both personally and professionally. Much to our surprise, there have been cases of violence against their significant others as well. As for the doers, be ready to reveal shocking facts about celebrities you’d never ever accuse of a crime.

15. Alec Baldwin: Is He An Evil Human Being?


Honestly, Alec Baldwin’s name has been involved in a few scandals for an uncertain period of time; but the reason for it has definitely led to, well, some humoristic commentaries. When you add in his crazy divorce back in the day, things are bound to get pretty wicked, to say the least. And since we can’t really pick a side, we can only offer you the juicy details of this odd story surrounding his notoriously famous name. Alec’s ex-wife has accused him of “terroristic threats” against her as she has assured herself not to miss the part when he, reportedly, had threatened to beat her with a baseball bat. Frankly, this story is more like a comedic movie plot than an evil “terroristic” plan against her.

14. Mel Gibson Was Accused Of Spousal Battery


Oh, dear! Mel, Really? Unfortunately, our favorite movie star Mel Gibson couldn’t escape from our less praiseful roundup of celebrities with a spooky past. Frankly, it’s almost unbelievable to hear such dark and almost irrational facts about extremely talented folks we all know and deeply adore today. The worst part is that we’ve been looking up to them until this very day. Well, Mel Gibson is just another dark example of an overly famous man whose fame has gone quite notorious due to a certain slew of unfavorable circumstances. For instance, he’s been accused of domestic violence and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana, has gotten the word out eventually. The year was 2011 when Mel got charged with a spousal battery. Isn’t that sad?

13. Michelle Rodriguez Has Spent Some Time Behind Bars


Well, we know you can hardly believe that Michelle, or more famous as Vin Diesel’s girl from the Fast and Furious franchise, has actually been in jail. How come she has ended up in prison in the first place, you may ask? Well, calm down  – she hasn’t murdered anyone, however, she has definitely violated her probation for a DUI case. As an unfortunate consequence, Michelle has been sent to jail to serve a 6-month-long sentence. Eventually, she was released due to her good behavior, but the memory of her bad girl days will be forever locked in the criminal records. Too bad, Michelle!

12. Will Smith Was Accused Of Aggravated Assault


Really? Will Smith? Exactly. Honestly, there are celebrities who literally spread criminal vibes in the air, so you know they might have been keeping something up their sleeve eventually. With others, it’s such a shock to find out about their dusty past and aggressive personalities camouflaged so well! In this regard, Will Smith is probably a fine example of this. We’ve all known him as a phenomenal actor who, however, has been on the “walk of shame”, figuratively speaking. Mr. Will Smith has truly been indicted for what seems to be an aggravated assault and a simple assault. Well, Smith has denied laying a finger on anyone as he eventually passed off the criminal act on his men. Whatever the case, that’s certainly a pretty curious story to tell!

11. Mark Wahlberg Used To Be A “Fighter”


Previously known as Marky Mark, being his band nickname, today’s hot and talented A-list actor looks like he has not kept any memories of his notorious fame. Presently, he may really be one of the most desirable actors for impersonating great roles and characters, however, a few years back it was hardly near that. Note that Mark had his first encounter with the law at the age of 15 following his reported harassing of a few African-American kids. What felt like a year later, Mark got busted for bashing a man of Vietnamese roots nearly to death. All in all, Mark’s younger self has really been a colorful one.

10. Matthew McConaughey Was A Fan Of Marijuana


Here we go with another recognizable face we all know pretty well today – Matthew McConaughey. Actually, his name gives rise to a few questions, one of which is related to another quite noteworthy A-list actor, namely Bruno Mars. So, what do they have in common, you might ask? Both of them have been accused of a drug possession which, logically, has resulted in a well-grounded arrest of them both. How has he gotten himself in deep water? Well, put the blame on his neighbors who called the police after getting fed up with the loud noise coming from his house. Luckily for him, police have revealed an uncertain amount of marijuana and nothing else. Of course, he has landed himself a fine, not for the marijuana, but for the loud noise. Well, $50 can’t be that much for Matthew, can it?

9. Robert Downey Jr. Used To Have Several Vices


With a couple of Golden Globes following his name, Mr. Robert Downey Jr. has probably many interesting stories to tell us, and note that none of them would include his professional acting career or on-screen moments. You may refuse to believe this, but our pretty great actor has been busted a few times for a drug possession of cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Indeed, he has managed to rack up several arrests for his drugs abuse which has led him to search the help of a rehab center. As a result, he has spent some time in and out of it while fighting off the desire to get high. Presently, Robert Downey Jr. seems to have returned to the righteous path, to say the least, and hopefully, he’ll remain on it.

8. Chris Brown Had Multiple Assault Charges

via Paris Match

The notoriously famous Chris Brown has totally earned a place on our top 15 list of celebrities with not so colorful pasts to share. Not only does he owe his dark history to his aggressive behavior against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but he has been charged with other assaults with a deadly weapon as well. Last year Chris was accused of a minor assault against Mike G, being his former manager, as the alleged indictment was raised after he had punched him in the face. Well, at least this is what might have happened according to Mike G. As for the Breezy and his team, they still say a big NO to these accusations.

7. Bruno Mars Drugs Abuse


Believe it or not, Bruno Mars has actually been charged with drugs abuse. Perhaps there has been a stage in his life, personally or professionally, or maybe both, when he wasn’t really acting like himself. Maybe the fame just became too much to hold on his shoulders. We can hardly say for sure what might have happened to this great solo artist, but the truth has been spoken: the gentle singer has been accused of a drug possession. Reportedly, he’s actually been charged with a cocaine abuse which, of course, has led to an expected arrest. An interesting fact is that Bruno Mars has pleaded guilty which at least has spared him the trial.

6. Nina Dobrev And The Vampire Diaries Cast


Well, well, well, who would have known that this Canadian beauty has had a dark past? In truth, The Vampire Diaries series star has been arrested for what seems to be “disorderly conduct”. You don’t say! Who could have told that Nina Dobrev has been such a beast? All jokes aside, it certainly can’t be that bad, can it? According to rumors, a major representative part of the cast of the hit drama-fueled series has taken mugshots as well. Presumably, her colleagues and co-stars Candice Accola and Sara Canning have also joined the mugshot party. Well, at least they will have quite an amazing story to tell their friends and fans. Besides, their mugshots must have been pretty hot!

5. Jay-Z: Who Has He Stabbed?


The rap artist Jay-Z is just another example of a celebrity who has been charged with a crime. This time, however, we’re not dealing with a drug addict, but with a real criminal, more or less. Being addicted to drugs affects primarily the individual’s life while walking around with a knife or a gun, or some other cold-blooded weapon, is the authentic deal-breaker. We can scarcely talk in detail about this awful event that Jay-Z has engaged in, because the details are not known, but that person’s allegations have led to Jay-Z’s imprisonment anyway. Presumably, he has admitted his evil doing resulting in a 3-year sentence. Currently, he’s out, of course, and we wish him a future free of illegal activities.

4. Johnny Depp: Innocent Until Proven Guilty …And Vice Versa


Are you aware of his bad old “habits”? Indeed, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has gone through a few unpleasant and quite troublesome situations with the law, but the case with his ex-girl seems to have topped it all off. Naturally, there’s hardly anyone who could say what has really happened between these two. However, Amber Heard’s visually bruised face has been shown and the media has blasted him for it. If we add in the numberless accusations coming from other famous folks sharing the same root, the picture won’t be very colorful for the notorious “pirate”, to say the least. Anyway, once a name gets in the criminal books, it stays there forever.

3. Nicolas Cage: Does He Beat Women?


Well, the Cage’s case is quite bizarre due to the turn of the circumstances. As another member of the Hollywood community, Nicolas has been rumored of beating his girlfriend at the time. Nicolas Cage, really? Maybe, he’s done it, maybe he hasn’t. Back in 2011, the great actor was arrested for what seemed to be domestic violence. Indeed, he got busted by the police, but later on, all of the charges got dropped eventually. Regardless of the positive outcome for him, the police still keep a piece of him in the criminal records whether we like it or hate it. Facts are undeniable, folks, and so it’s time to embrace the truth.

2. Mike Tyson: Charged With Rape


Often regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson has always had something in common with all of the other participants on our top list of 15 shocking criminals, to put it in a more attractive way. Unlike them, however, Mike has been dancing with the law for what feels like forever. And even though today it’s not very often to hear Mike being involved in an illegal activity, he has surely piled up about 40+ arrests. Back in the day, Mike Tyson was convicted of raping an 18-year-old girl who, supposedly, partook in a beauty pageant. Indeed, he did time following his accusation back in 1992 which lasted about 3 years. In 1995, Mike got his freedom back as he was freed from the cage for good behavior.

1. Charlie Sheen Was Accused Of Domestic Violence


Oh, the one and only Charlie Sheen – can you still recall his odd, crazy and hilarious scenes shown in the already forgotten Two and a Half Men series? Well, sincerely, the character he used to impersonate back in the day was somehow closer to his authentic personality – money, pretty girls and his beach house in Malibu – doesn’t that sound like him anyway? And if you still disapprove of this comparison, let us give you a few dark secrets about his “habits”. Not only has he been involved in many accusations of violence against women in general, but he has also been busted for battery against his ex-wife. According to her words, he has even tried to choke her…Oh, Charlie, you’ve truly been up to no good, haven’t you?

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