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USA vs. Australia: 15 Reasons Why Women From “The Land Down Under” Are Better

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USA vs. Australia: 15 Reasons Why Women From “The Land Down Under” Are Better

Spheres of life for women have been bigger than they were before. Today, people from all over the world have been standing for women and have been trying to demolish injustice regarding their rights, pays, freedom, etc. Women have also been taking a stand for themselves too. Speaking of women, their actions, reactions, characteristics, and personality determine which of them stand where, in simple words, women of which nation are better.

Are there more successful and better women settled in the land down under (Australia) or are there more of the ambitious and beautiful women living in the U.S.? The question that usually arises in people’s mind is how are we supposed to know which ones are better? After studying the lives of some of these women, we get the hypothesis that a woman’s extent of nature and personality will show us where they stand in society. Are women in Australia or USA making their country and themselves look good or not? Let’s have a look.

15. They’re considerate and kind

Via: Peek Worthy

According to the HSBC Bank International’s Expat Explorer Survey, Australian is the third friendliest country in the world. According to statistics, half of the population is covered by females. You will rarely come across any women in Australia who won’t be carrying a smile on their face. They are very welcoming and kind to everyone. They will absolutely give their seat to an old person on a bus.

Recently, a video went viral on the Internet in which a guy accidentally fell in the space between the subway and the platform. Before you know it, the entire crowd present on the platform began to push the train to rescue the guy, among which a large number of women could also been seen. Despite their strength, they gave their best to save the man. You will also find similar and enormous examples of kindness by women in Australia once you visit the country yourself.

14. They have better fashion sense


American women dress so casually that it wouldn’t be a lie to say that Australian women dress better than Americans. The American style is lazy and unoriginal for the most part. Every outfit is a variation of jeans and t-shirts which seems to be quite an ill fit except when they are at work.

On the other hand, the Australian fashion industry is thriving by introducing all that is new, exciting and inspiring in the sense of the fashion world. In fashion, new ideas come from reinvention and combining old with new, not sticking to the same form of clothing. On the other hand, women of Australia chose what’s considered “hot” or in-season.

13. They have better humor


American girls can be wacky and witty, however, most American women end up being completely idiotic while on the other hand, Aussie women are more fun-loving and tend to have a relaxed sort of sense of humor that they carry naturally all over their face, which makes them lively and a lot of fun to be around.

They love to laugh a lot and don’t tend to take life’s hardships too seriously, instead they simply enjoy life. Australia has also had quite a comical history with plenty of female comedians who were quite successful in making people laugh for decades such as Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, and Clair Hooper. After all, Australia has Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson from “Pitch Perfect” and who out there is not a fan of her sense of humor in the movie?

12. They’re less materialistic

Via: IBTimes UK

Recently videos of gold diggers went viral on the Internet. American girls were seen as money hungry who would get along with any guy who is a big shot. It is believed that a large percentage of women around the world are gold diggers but this is not the case for Australian women. They tend to be less materialistic as compared to American females.

Most American women seek comfort and entertainment in the form of luxury which usually requires plenty of money. That is also one of the reasons why women in the U.S. are willing to work multiple jobs, partly because of the new concept that they are strong and can look after themselves but also because they want to be able to live a life of luxury and afford expensive things.

11. They have a cute accent

Via: Youtube

The Australian and American accents are quite different in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation. Australian women merge the words together, skip the letters in the conversation and speak at break-neck speed. On the other hand, Americans deliver each word properly taking their time while making their speech too mainstream.

Australians also have no “ei” sound when speaking, meaning the sound becomes an “ai” when they speak. For example, an American woman would pronounce car as “car” whereas an Australian woman would skip the “r” in the end of the word “car” while pronouncing it which is cuter apparently isn’t it? Also, we know that accents can be quite sexy. The quickest way to tell an Australian accent is to listen for the telltale slang used in their conversation like,”G’day mate. How’s it goin’?”.

10. They put family first

Via: NBC News

For every woman, family comes first. Their family is their first priority no matter what, they do not have a second thought when it comes to sacrificing for their families. 43% of women leave their jobs, passions, and professions for their families. However, Australian women seem more family oriented as compared to American women.

American women are mostly working which makes it difficult for them to balance between work and family, unlike Australian women. In the United States, Women make up almost half of the workforce. Only a few women in the U.S. pick their child up from school, these being the ones who stay home and look after their children, give them meals on time and taking their children to a doctor’s appointment when required. Don’t believe us? We suggest watching Bad Moms.

9. They live a healthier lifestyle

It is common knowledge across all over the United States that weight has been a common issue for girls for the past few years. It doesn’t mean every girl is fat or not in shape, but the truth is in every corner of America, you will find plenty of fast-food restaurants and drive-thrus are always jam-packed. This also adds to the stereotype that American people are obese, which seems to be true since the U.S. has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.

On the other hand, eating habits of Australian women are quite different as they prefer homemade veggies rather than cheesy pizzas or crispy burgers from McDonald’s which is the reason why Australian women are healthier than American females. Another factor is that Australian women prefer to walk more when commuting rather than traveling in cars or buses.

8. They cook better


As we have mentioned earlier, American women prefer fast food over home-cooked food whereas Australian women prefer a plate of colorful fresh veggies. Just as they prefer homemade food, they are good at cooking as well. In Australia, sweet and savory stuff are generally served separately.

This concept doesn’t seem to exist at all in the USA – sweet and savory are combined with wild abandon, leading to things like apple pie with melted cheese on top. Australian women have a better sense of taste and they do not merge the opposites. Another factor why American women are not that good at cooking is they prefer to eat mostly fast food since they are really busy and thus cannot cook.

7. They’re better at sports


In Australia, women play a number of sports professionally such as cricket, ice hockey, netball, tennis, golf and even cycling. Sports made their way into the school curriculum for girls somewhere around the 1890s. After World War II, sports have become an essential part of Australian students’ curriculum in schools.

Some Australian women have gone overseas to play professional sports, because the Australian Federal and State governments have always encouraged women to participate in all areas of sports. In the United States, female athletes are paid far less than their male counterparts. Males are more dominant in the U.S. when it comes to sports. In Australia, there’s more emphasis on sports in schools and even the weather is better for going outside and practicing sports.

6. They’re more educated


In Australia, education is quite expensive and students are usually not facilitated by the government when it comes to paying fees. Australian women are more educated because the schools in Australia often offer courses in different languages. They teach languages other than English such as Spanish, French, etc.

It’s a stereotype that American students are spoiled because they have government support, unlike Australia. They don’t have the opportunity of scholarships as much as American students so it’s all their money which they don’t find pleasant to waste. HSBC estimated that the average annual cost of studying in Australia was $38,516 (£24,936) compared to the $35,705 in the US.

5. They treat men as equals

Via: Domain

Men and women both stand at the same level. They might differ from each other in some respects but it is important to ensure that their difference do not indicate that one is superior to the other. Australian women usually have a solid group of friends which consists of both male and female friends, however, they are not sexist, nor do they treat men as better.

This treatment greatly affects how everything else functions in the Australian society. Everyone is treated equal whether it be schools, work, or family. No one should be treated on the basis of their gender, and Australian women understand the importance of treating genders equally.

4. They’re low maintenance


Australian women can get along with anyone. They are not very conscious about their looks as compared to American girls. They go with the flow when it comes to executing plans that they are less comfortable with, something that you don’t usually see with American women.

Ladies in the United States are seen as drama queens and attention seekers. For an Australian girl, gifts, cards or cheesy conversations are not really that fascinating. They think that fancy, 5-star, A-list places are kind of silly, unlike American women. Appearance really does not matter for them; they can easily go out without makeup. In fact, their vanity consists of lip balm and mascara, and they’ll only do smokey eyes if they are invited to the Queen’s wedding

3. They’re adventurous


Australian women are incredibly friendly and fun. These girls are gorgeous and heaps of fun. They’re always ready for a chill beer and to chat about where to hang out in Australia. After all, it is the second most adventurous country in the world. It has breathtaking places which these women simply cannot miss to visit.

Australian women love to travel whether they are at work or they are drinking in bars, working behind the bar, feasting in their favorite restaurants, roaming around in museums, and walking on the country roads. American women are so busy that they rarely get to take out time for traveling since they usually prefer work over everything. Last year, Australians hit the record of 8 million trips overseas which is a clear indicator that they don’t usually miss visiting a place regardless of whether it is popular or not.

2. They live longer


While the risk of dying young in Australia has fallen dramatically over the past 40 years, the United States, on the other hand, has failed greatly to improve its record. America ranked 49th in the world for female mortality in 2010 and Australia, was one of the best performers, having shot up from the 36th spot for females in 1970 to enter the top 10 countries in adult death prevention for both genders.

Smoking rates for women have also declined in Australia due to better public health campaigns as compared to the U.S. where obesity levels have soared in the past few years. In short, Australian women are living longer than ever, with the average life expectancy increasing by two and half years in the past decade.

1. They are prettier


One of the factors that make Australian women prettier is their skin. They have glowing skin, unlike American women who usually tend to have spotted skin, cheeks and nose covered with pigments.

Australians have a lot of sunshine in their country which promotes the cosmetic effect of tanning which is counted in most Caucasian races as being an attractive attribute for a person. Their tan skin makes them feel more satisfied with their beauty. Sunshine slows down the aging process giving these same people the greater attractiveness of youth. Combine that with the fact that Australian women have better fashion sense, and you come to the conclusion that Australian women are indeed more pretty.

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