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15 Crazy Jobs For People Who Are Stupidly Brave

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15 Crazy Jobs For People Who Are Stupidly Brave

Although working in an office isn’t exactly considered a dangerous job, it can still damage your skeletal and cardiovascular system. Not to mention that the sedentary nature of your ultra-modern office job literally sucks the life out of you. See? There’s a cloud to every silver lining. But while your desk job mostly triggers neck and back pain, there are people who can lose it all at any given moment. Are you still thinking that your job is boring and monotonous? Then how about trying your hand at jumping out of high rises or cleaning shark tanks? Now you know what we’re talking about here. From the perilous job as a lion tamer to landmine removers, the world is full of extremely dangerous positions. So what difference does it make if such people earn twice as much as you do? Would it matter if something terrible happens on the job? Now you see why your office job is a much better alternative to all these 15 perilous professions. In a nutshell, it really exposes you to risks of back pains, but at least it’s a much safer way to make ends meet. Below are 15 examples of extremely dangerous jobs that are seriously not worth the risk.

15. Construction Workers

via The Jobsite

Somehow it feels like nobody cares about the lives of those hardworking builders. It’s even like their lives are taken for granted every single day. Perhaps we’re so used to seeing them working at enormous heights that we forget how dangerous their jobs are. However, the perils of their job are much greater than we can ever imagine. Construction workers and roofers usually have to work with lethal tools and heavy materials that can literally break them in two.  Their efforts will eventually pay off, but at what price?

14. Mountain Guides

via the art of manliness

With the upcoming movie Mountain Between Us, it kind of makes sense why flying over snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes isn’t for everyone. No matter how ready and experienced you think you are, you’ll always be vulnerable and defenseless high up in the mountain. So if you think that an experienced mountaineer will make the difference for you, then you’ll be wrong once again. There’s nothing in this world that can manage the mighty power of Mother Nature. Neither can any professional team of mountain specialists!

13. Agricultural Workers/Farmers

via Pinterest

So what exactly makes the work of agricultural workers and farmers so dangerous? Actually, most of the injuries that occur in the field aren’t exactly caused by animals. In fact, farmers and agricultural workers have to work with extremely perilous and quite heavy machinery to harvest the crops. Also, let’s not forget that these people have to take care of their large livestock. Whatever you think it is, it’s certainly not a peaceful and pleasant walk in the park. In a nutshell, the job of farmers and agricultural workers can cause them much more problems than you can think of.

12. Stuntmen

via simplebooklet

How about working as a stuntman, huh? While many of you would find it a pretty exciting thing to do, it can really put your life on the line. If it really was that awesome and great, your favorite movie stars wouldn’t need the services of their stuntmen. Believe us, there’s nothing thrilling about working as a stuntman. After all, you don’t get to show your face and personality on the screen since you’re only his or her double. So outside of the great salary, we don’t see anything cool about this job that’s worth the risks.

11. Astronauts

via Akfe

We all know how kids often say that they dream of becoming an astronaut, a doctor or a police officer. Oh, let’s not forget firemen. Indeed, children find all these professions a pretty exciting way to make ends meet. However, they hardly see how dangerous the job of a policeman or a fireman really is. The same goes for the professional dedication of all those international astronauts in outer space. Since the very beginning of the Russian and American space programs, more than 400 astronauts have disappeared. Quite a number, right? With such dark statistics, the astronaut fatality rate will easily reach 7.5%.

10. Power workers

via Confined Space

Do you ever think of the people who take care of your electricity bugs? Well, now you’ve got the chance to learn something more about their mundane tasks on the job. While working with electricity sounds quite extreme, imagine fixing such bugs above the ground on a freaking helicopter! Indeed, power workers and linemen often have to fix whatever needs fixing while hanging out of a helicopter. Yes, it’s kind of like in the movies, just a little scarier and crazier. Also, let’s not forget that it’s certainly more dangerous than it is in the movies.

9. Animal tamers/wrestlers


Ever heard of a thing called an alligator wrestler or a lion tamer? There’s no doubt that these professions are pretty exotic and unique but are they really safe? Probably not, but who cares, right? So these guys literally have to deal with aggressive animals. You think that it’s a joke? If only it was a joke. But no, it’s as real as you and I, and it’s scary as hell. Lion tamers and alligator wrestlers really exist in different parts of the world. In fact, they are just like any other ordinary job at the zoo.

8. High-Rise Window Cleaners

via Vice

Much like all those builders and construction workers, high-rise window cleaners are at grave risk of losing it all at any given moment. Just imagine yourself hanging at such an enormous height – would you even dare to look down? We bet you wouldn’t. But anyway, the good news is that you don’t even have to do it! You’ve got your own job, so let the high-rise window cleaners perform their duties in the most careful way possible. Because let’s face it – a fall from such great heights is a promised death for sure. Not to mention that these people are only attached to a small lift.

7. Shark Tank Cleaner

via YouTube

So let’s be honest here: would you work as a shark tank cleaner? Would you do it for real? Well, don’t bother answering. We can read your mind, and honestly, we don’t blame you at all. Not only is this job extremely odd and unpleasant, but it’s also dangerous as hell! On top of that, you can get eaten alive any minute while taking care of that nasty shark tank. So just imagine yourself cleaning shark tanks from 9 am to 5 pm while there’s a group of sharks behind you. It can’t get any better, can it?

6. Snake Milker

via Extreme Jobs

So what exactly is a snake milker? Well, that’s an easy one for sure – it’s a person who’s required to extract venom from poisonous snakes. And yes, this is a real job with real perils. As for the process of extracting that venom – it’s even scarier than it sounds. Snakes are usually aggravated so that the natural process of extracting venom can be triggered. Once it’s done, the snake milker is supposed to collect that venom and make sure the snake doesn’t attack anyone in the meantime. It can still find a way to dig its teeth into your skin, though. But anyway, snake milkers are really helpful since the snake’s venom is needed for medical and scientific usages.

5. Land Mine Remover

via YouTube

A landmine remover? Yes, that’s right. So this person is supposed to take care of formerly war-torn regions full of landmine remnants. In fact, it’s thought as a considerably prestigious job in many parts of the world. We know that it’s supposed to be a military job only, but obviously, things work differently in some places. In a nutshell, a landmine remover is a person who neutralizes any explosive residue in regions torn apart by war. You didn’t know that such a thing existed in the first place, right? Well, now you do! And yes, it’s just as real as any other regular job around the world.

4. Couriers

via CouriersPlease

Ever worked as a pizza delivery boy or a courier carrier? If not, then you must think of it as a considerably safe job. Is that correct? Well, sorry, but, you’re wrong and here’s why: couriers deliver all kinds of goods, right? So what are the chances of being robbed of valuable goods on your way to the next address? Now you know what we mean. In fact, courier carriers are the ideal targets for thieves. Still thinking that your job is boring and worthless? Think again!

3. Car Mechanics

via YourMechanic

Imagine your car breaking down on your way home. What happens now? We’ll tell you what: you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. And the best way to do so is to trust a professional car mechanic who’ll get it back on the road in no time. It sure sounds cool, but do you actually consider the potential danger that can put your car mechanic at risk? Between all those fumes, toxic chemicals, and perilous tools, mechanics are exposed to a fair share of dangerous situations on a daily basis. Indeed, it’s even more serious than you think it is.

2. Taxi Drivers


Public transportation is definitely the cheapest way to get to work but is it the safest one? Every day, millions of people get on and off the subway so it really is a convenient method of transportation. Actually, it’s absolutely the same with the public taxi services. But no matter how convenient it is to travel by taxi, it’s certainly not that safe anymore. Taxi drivers are easy targets for criminals. As such, they often get robbed of valuable belongings or even murdered on the job. In fact, the rate is equally high in many modern European countries. Even in the USA, the mortality rate in taxi drivers is twice as higher especially in the wee hours of the night.

1. Bush pilots

via Matador Network

Being a bush pilot isn’t as fun as it looks. You sure get to experience the thrills of flying over beautiful places you’ve never visited before. However, the responsibility you take is certainly not a joke. Terrible plane accidents happen no matter how well-skilled, professional and experienced you are. Also, bush pilots often have to face terrible weather conditions and hostile terrains. It turns out that the job of bush pilots is just as dangerous as it is exciting. Besides, everything may get out of your hands any second.


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