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Women’s 15 Deepest, Darkest Fantasies About The Bedroom

Women’s 15 Deepest, Darkest Fantasies About The Bedroom

We all know the saying: “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars.” It is preached that everything about the two opposite sexes are truly opposite: how we talk, how we listen, how we feel, how we express how we feel (women expressing too much, men expressing nothing at all), and the list goes on. But, is this long held notion really true? Perhaps, it isn’t entirely. Those who like to break ground (or are possibly Biology enthusiasts) say that men and women aren’t that completely different. We have the same number of fingers and toes. We have the same estrogen and testosterone flowing through our bodies. And yes, even the same sexual fantasies. Here, we will look into women’s hidden bedroom fantasies (that also find themselves outside of the bedroom on a few occasions). We all know what men’s number one is. And as it turns out, it’s one of women’s too – whether she is single, just beginning a new relationship, or approaching her fifteen-year anniversary with her childhood sweetheart. That’s right, the number one fantasy is:



Everyone can agree that a woman’s body is a work of art (yes, even your girlfriend) so why not two women? That’s enough to make a museum. This is a long-standing, highly touted fantasy that is sure to remain so for many, many more years to come. The reason being is that in this situation, beauty meets sexuality. Fuse the two together and the bomb doesn’t take long to go off (all puns intended). You can rest assured knowing that if a woman harbours this kind of fantasy in her head, she is clearly not a prude and is clearly very open-minded (and possibly, a little bisexual…). But, this will make you test the strength of your own open-mindedness. Try not to get jealous, they say females do it better (which is more-than-likely why a lot of women secretly dream about this).



Women are told to be the submissive partner in relationships. Some take that to an even more literal, kinkier degree-or rather, fantasize about doing so-by desiring some BDSM action. Whips, chains…you name it, she wants it. More specifically, she wants to be on the receiving end of it and with no holds barred. She didn’t feel like cooking today? Then, show her who the man of the house is and give her the ultimate punishment: your own prepared feast of domination. A woman likes a man who takes the lead and is assertive so it’s no shock that this fantasy exists.



So, she’s been tied up and dominated. Now, she wants to do the dominating. Many women are turned on by the thought of switching things up and making their boyfriends or husbands their personal slaves. This particular fantasy can be as silly or as kinky as the two individuals engaged in it allow it to be. Hot candle wax? Check. Blind folds? Check. A willing and ready partner? Check. Women with an already assertive edge to them really lose themselves with this one. What can be a bigger turn-on then turning someone else on? And by your rules? Just like a light switch, she can turn her partner on by the control of her finger. What she says goes.



Just as much as guys like to boast and showcase their ego, women like to have all eyes on them too. Whether it’s multiple pairs of eyes, the eyes of strangers, the eyes of ‘friends’, or the eyes of just one lucky someone, voyeurism is a huge secret turn-on for many women. Some like for their significant other to watch as they engage in sex with a stranger or a friend, others like a complete stranger to observe them in the act with their significant other. Every woman is different in the mode of voyeurism of which she fantasizes. Just be sure that if you’re the watcher, that you can keep jealousy at bay.



Who doesn’t like a good show? That’s why there’s the staple movie theater, RedBox, and Netflix. So, it’s no surprise that many women also desire to watch a good sex scene and we’re not talking the movies (that’s not until number 14). Whether it’s a complete stranger or a pair of strangers that she sneaks and watches during a vacation with her partner or if it’s her partner with someone else, some women get seriously turned on by this idea of being an audience. Who knows? She might get herself off too while watching the other individuals getting off. They do say that women are great multi-taskers after all.

10. SWINGING With Other Couples


No, not that kind-although, that’s a certainly good time too. But, the specific fun time we’re talking about here is being a swinger. This particular fantasy is definitely just for women and couples who are open-minded and aren’t easily mistrusting or envious. This takes a ménage à trois to another level. Some women might fantasize about having sex with another couple that she and her significant other know. Others might choose to do it with a couple she meets at a bar, at the grocery, or online. The possibilities are endless. So long as no one feels anything more intimate for the other party other than an engaging time, this fantasy can certainly be made a reality.



For some of the more sexually adventurous out there, this might not seem that daring or dark of a desire or a fantasy at all because they are actually doing it (all puns intended again) already. However, there are many other more inhibited women out there who hold this fantasy in their minds and their boyfriends or husbands don’t even know it. Some women might want two guys and herself while her boyfriend watches, other women might want to double up with two fantasies as one by bringing another girl into the mix with her and her significant other. Whatever the formula, this is again another situation where neither individual in the couple should hold any hang-ups and should be absolutely sure they can handle this kind of arrangement. So long as all individuals understand what the terms of this sexual relationship are, then all is well.

8. Hanky Panky WITH A STRANGER


This one has been mentioned in the other fantasies discussed so far. But, let’s take a closer look at it. This is like voyeurism made into human form. You literally bring your outside ‘neighbours’ into your home, specifically into your bed. Many women secretly desire this, but might be hesitant to tell their significant other because it can take some warming up to for more monogamous couples. Even if the person isn’t a literal stranger, women fantasize about at least the semblance of the thrill of someone they don’t know. Thus, an alternative for women who might not be that daring – and for their significant others who might not be that welcoming of the idea – is to meet up with her boyfriend or husband at a bar, act as if they’ve never met the other before, have a few drinks, and then finish their ‘first date’ up in a hotel.



This one is funny, but might want to truly be left a fantasy so as not to cause some not-so-funny repercussions in the real world if it were to be acted upon. Indecent exposure, anyone? Some females secretly imagine truly letting it all hang out, and her partner too, by having sex right out in the open. You know the saying, ‘the more, the merrier?’ For a woman with this fantasy in mind, the more shocked and gazing eyes, the better. Whether it be at a park or out on the pool at a resort while on vacation with her hubby, a woman with this sort of dream is certainly confident with her body, that’s for sure.



The more technical sexual term for this is cuckolding. This can tie in with having sex with a stranger if the woman is not in a relationship. Yet, unlike that particular fantasy, this one would exclusively pertain to those who are actually with another man already. Some women actually get aroused by the thought of cheating on their significant other. And even rarer, some men actually are excited themselves about the thought of their female partner cheating on them. The person who she has the sexual affair with could be a friend of her boyfriend or husband or he could be a total stranger they find together online. She might want her hubby to be in the room and watch or not be present in the room at all, instead listening to the scene unfold outside. The possibilities are endless.

5. BEING THE MAN in the relationship


Yes, in any way you think this goes, is how it goes with this fantasy. Some straight men do like penetration and some women who are the partners of such men imagine happily performing the act just the same. This is where strap-ons and maybe even some bondage come in handy. Undoubtedly, the husband or boyfriend would definitely have to be comfortable in his manhood (and the other obviously necessary one: desirous of penetration) to be willing to partake in this fantasy. Even if straps and penetration do not come into play, women might instead want to just overall act like a man – complete with a name change, wardrobe change, and all. This fantasy is certainly more kinky and alternative.



This is another fantasy that requires open-mindedness from the male partner of the woman. Male strippers are supposed to be left at the rightful place known as the bachelorette party. But, sometimes an after-party is required. And for the woman with this particular desire, she definitely wants to party. Some women secretly (or, not so secretly) desire to spend a night of fun with a male escort and with an escort or stripper’s job being to serve with a show, women can place two fantasies into one by having a sex slave as part of the deal as well. Men are typically the only gender to have or pay for sex with escorts, not women who would be deemed as sluts to do so. And for some women, that notion might make this taboo desire all the more salacious.

3. Naughty Time AT WORK


Yes, public sex is always a go-to tempting and exciting desire. But, choosing work as the public place is even more scandalous. Some women want their partners to physically come to their place of work and have a quickie in their office right before their business meeting. Others want the sex right during the meeting. No, not in front of the co-workers and boss (unless of course, she’s looking for a dramatic way to get fired…and also a possible arrest). Instead, she imagines her partner pleasing her while she’s on a business call in the relative privacy of her office. The temptation of trying to keep her cool while on the phone, even as she is simultaneously being pleasured is enough for any woman to get aroused. This particular fantasy is for the really daring type.

2. MAKING An Intimate TAPE With Your Partner


Ah…who can forget the staple sex video? Some might not think of this as a dark fantasy, but for more traditional or inexperienced women, this could be a very taboo desire of hers. She might want to be the star in a homemade naughty video and show off her skills. Maybe women who are looking for a way to strengthen their self-esteem and sense of their self-image might harbour this desire more than others. Or on the flip side, many very confident women unsurprisingly enjoy this because it allows them to be the center of attention. Undoubtedly, many of their male partners are surely just as anxious to engage in this act too.



There is always something random that can be thrown into the mix. This one is it. It also somewhat ties into the whole “Master and Slave” fantasy, but taken to a literal fantasy level. This might possibly be a popular favourite amongst all of the Twilight type of fangirls out there. If it’s not that, then women with this sort of desire are more-than-likely the ones who enjoy getting hickeys, love bites, and being nibbled on during sex. Now, she wants to up the ante a bit. This fantasy can only be made better through actual dressing up, fake vampire teeth included…

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