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WTF? 15 Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped

WTF? 15 Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped

As a genuine nature lover, I could not believe my eyes when swiping through these extremely bizarre and phenomenal places I came across while surfing the web. How come we’ve never heard of these incredible spots? I can barely give you the answer you’re looking for. However, one thing is for sure: Mother Nature can’t help serving us just another delicious platter of unbelievable settings and landscapes we often refuse to believe actually exist!

Naturally, the first thought that probably comes to mind when seeing a gorgeous picture is that it’s been photoshopped. Normally, this would be a pretty natural reaction towards such spots. After all, all of these top 15 places certainly look like they’ve fallen from the sky. Well, maybe except for 3 or 4 of them which totally seem like they can open the gates of Hell for you.

From the creepy “Islands of the Dolls” to the Hellmouth and Antelope Canyon, we’ve prepared for you a pretty unique and exceptional roundup of places that surely look like they are photoshopped. But guess what, not even an inch of them has been re-touched. From the look of things, you’ve got a long way to go until you fully explore their enigmatic nature. After all, these bizarre places are entirely engulfed in obscurity and wonderment. With that, we can only advise you to step carefully before setting foot in certain awe-inspiring territories.

15. The Spooky “Island of the Dolls”


If you dare to unmask the enigmatic nature of this spooky place, then you’d surely be our hero. Spike up your adrenaline levels with an adventurous and spontaneous trip to a whole new world drowning in obscurity and dangers. Welcome to the Island of Dolls. Note that these are not your typical Frozen-inspired dolls for little girls. Somewhere out there, there’s a creepy island inhabited with decomposing eerie dolls hanging from the trees. And if you’re wondering where this place could be, the island of creepy dolls lies in the hands of Mexico! How crazy, right? This place was never meant to be a tourist attraction. The island is a monument to a little girl who died under strange circumstances, prompting people from the area to hang dolls all over the small island in her memory.

14. Masaya Volcano aka The Mouth of Hell

via YouTube

Meet the ominous Nicaraguan volcano bearing the exotic female name Masaya; and just like a mysterious woman, it could probably wipe us all out if it wanted to. If we, however, step aside from it, we’d arrive at the out-of-this-world spot that is heavily known as the Mouth of Hell. Naturally, it’s not like it will devour us in one bite since it’s simply a figurative expression. Its mighty nature, however, never fails to have any visitor awe-struck at the sight of it. Situated between two cities, Masaya Volcano certainly looks as though it’s an illusion created by a colorful mind.

13. Chinese Canola Garden

via Pinterest

As an exotic and flourishing country, China has always been associated with uniqueness and flamboyance. Of course, its vibrant character and opulent nature attract millions of tourists year-round. A pretty good example of its top attractions is the lustrous Canola Garden that could only be depicted as a golden ocean of flowers. This blossoming sunny garden reaches its peak in late spring only to offer travelers a wonderful visual spectacle. If by any chance you happen to be around this time of year, you certainly must explore this extraordinary place that totally looks like an exquisite painting. This place looks more like a setting from Guardians of the Galaxy than it does a place on earth.

12. Hodge Close Quarry AKA The Skull-Shaped Cave

via Daily Mail

Have you seen a place like this before? We haven’t, and certainly, it’s the scariest rocky formation we’ve ever encountered so far. You may not know this, but the notorious Hodge Close Quarry has already taken the lives of a few swimmers who, reportedly, dived into its cold waters and never returned. There’s just something about this demonic spot that totally sends shivers down the spine simply by looking at it. It’s certainly not a dream-like place to be, of course. After all, its peculiar and pretty dreadful resemblance to a skull (if you look sideways) can hardly be left unnoticed. Fundamentally, we can’t blame you for not believing in its existence since we hardly do as well.

11. “The Ukranian Labyrinth of Love”

via YouTube

“Spread love, not war” – this is probably the idea that stands behind the creation of this incredible and marvelous Love Tunnel that can be found in the Ukraine. Regardless of its gorgeous and almost futuristic spirit, the Leafy Love Tunnel is actually a beautiful passageway for both romantic couples and trains. It’s certainly not an abandoned place, however, sometimes this splendid spot seems like it has been isolated from the rest of civilization. Moreover, if you look at it from a different angle, it’d probably have you dazzled by its maze-shaped infrastructure. This tunnel would be at home in Alice in Wonderland and it’s amazing that it’s a real place you can actually visit.

10. Antelope Canyon

via Reddit

How wonderful! Indeed, the famed Antelope Canyon seems like it has been created by a really talented painter. There’s something really special about this attraction located in Arizona just outside of Page. Considered an immensely popular tourist spot, the slot canyon deeply impresses spectators with its enigmatic and charming character. This exceptional beauty offers not only an incredible scenery but makes you feel like you’re daydreaming. With that, the good news keeps on rolling: there are basically two slot canyons, namely the lower and upper one. The lower canyon is less crowded and much cheaper to access as opposed to the upper side which offers wider paths.

9. “Luminescent Rocks”, Amsterdam

via Electric Ladyland

“Oh, dear, Lord! Is my mind playing games with me again?” No, it’s not, trust us. It’s just another phenomenal place that makes it so hard for us to believe in its existence. An interesting feature about the so-called luminescent rocks, situated somewhere in the Netherlands, is that the rocky formation is also known as the Electric Lady land. Actually, this bizarre place doesn’t lack audience at all. The Amsterdam beauty is depicted as the very first museum of fluorescent artwork that features rich collections of luminescent rocks alongside a whole lot of other breathtaking and glowing objects created artificially.

8. The Lovely “Pink Lake”

via YouTube

Why is it so pinkish, really? Indeed, this is like the most bizarre lake we’ve ever laid eyes upon. It totally looks like a delicious strawberry milkshake coming from none another country than Australia! How extraordinary, right? With this crazy Pink Lake, Mother Nature demonstrates us her odd personality for the umpteenth time! The unique lake makes us even think that it has been painted pink on purpose; and since, we’re pretty sure you’ve been wondering about its peculiar looks, let us unmask the mystery for you: the gorgeous lake owes its charming pinkish color to algae producing carotenoids which could be found in sea salt regions as well. In the end, the higher the temperature, the stronger the pigmentation.

7. Rainbow Mountains

via Traveler Corner

The so-called Rainbow Mountains are basically the top eye-candy landmark and splendid attraction in the region of Zhangye Danxia, China. Naturally, China is incredibly famous for its organically beautiful Geopark that is reminiscent of a rainbow. Without a doubt, the gorgeous Chinese attraction admires newcomers and locals alike with its unique and superior charm. The noteworthy Geological Park named Zhangye Danxia totally serves as a colorful source of inspiration for both painters and writers. Thanks to its multi-layered colored minerals and elements, this Rainbow Wonder gathers millions of tourists on an annual basis.

6. “Hop On Cloud Nine. Literally”

via Ruta Verde Tours

Have you heard of the Bolivian beauty named Salar de Uyuni? If not, then learning about it will surely get you on cloud nine, literally. Situated in Bolivia, the world-recognized Salar de Uyuni catches the eye with its extraordinary salt flats being the country’s signature mark, known the world over for its exquisite beauty. This futuristic realm of optical illusions makes you feel like you hold the key to Heaven. It does seem like you can step on these puffy clouds for real. Surely, it’s a heaven-like place that is absolutely worthy of exploring at least once.

5. Kawachi Fujien botanical garden

via An Exploring South African

If you’re a real nature lover, then you’d lose your mind over our next odd and indescribably beautiful spot. Come around and set off on an exciting trip to the surreal world of the Kawachi Fujien botanical garden. Have you seen a more enchanting garden, a recreational park area or any other place this beautiful? We’re sure it’s nothing you’ve seen or explored before. Honestly, it looks so wonderfully whimsical that we can hardly believe it’s an actual place somewhere out there. And just for the protocol, there’s nothing fake about it, it’s the way the charming Wisteria flowers look when being heavily “clustered”.

4. The Frozen Lake Abraham

via Huffington Post Canada

Have you ever seen such frozen bubbles? Canada’s stunning lake is so astounding that it certainly creates a feeling of illusion and hallucination. The methane bubbles could also be harmful if popped, so be careful! The white blobs that could be noticed floating on the surface are basically produced by bacteria munching on the matter within the frozen lake. As a consequence, it poops out the methane biproduct that’s later turned into these white frozen bubbles the moment it gets in touch with the water. When explained, it does not seem that mysterious and surreal after all, does it?

3. Walk Through The Gates of Hell

via YouTube

Located far away in Turkmenistan, the so-called and notorious Gates of Hell is actually located near a village with a total population of about 350 dwellers. This pretty traditional and “normal” place is, however, situated right in the heart of a gas crater which certainly looks like it holds the key to Hell. This demonic crater is thought to have burned for more than 40 years! Another curious fact about this unbelievable spot is that it has been a site of a Soviet operation that has reportedly gone wrong following the collapse of a rig. The Gates of Hell, sometimes known as the Door to Hell, has become one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions.

2. Great Blue Hole Reef

via Reddit

What do you know about Belize anyway? In case you haven’t heard much of it, here are the basics: it’s a marvelous and an eco-friendly spot situated between Mexico and Guatemala. While brimming with exotic places, and many great outdoor and indoor activities, Belize has become greatly famous for its phenomenal Blue Hole Reef as well that basically serves it as its best asset and attraction. With the mysterious hole reef coming into play, there’s hardly a diver who’d let the chance of exploring it pass them by. However, this isn’t a dive for all skill levels, nor is it a colorful experience. The hole is full of dark caves and it’s recommended only for divers with at least 24 dives under their belt. All the same, this Great Hole is simply a wonderful, wild and exciting place filled with beautiful landscapes and friendly inhabitants.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle is Like a Fairytale

via Wow Amazing

Frankly, Neuschwanstein Castle offers such splendid views that it’s actually like you’re enjoying another great and high-quality Walt Disney production. Except in real life! With its breathtaking architecture and authentic charm, the German beauty was built by King Ludwig II back in the year 1869. Ironically enough, the lovely castle was not initially meant for royal members, of course. Rather, its creation was born out of the king’s desire to turn the castle into his own sanctuary. Presently, the marvelous wonder named Neuschwanstein Castle attracts hundreds of thousands of international visitors who are simply blown away by its grandness that looks like it’s been completely photoshopped.

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