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15 Historical Events With Odd Backstories

15 Historical Events With Odd Backstories

Conspiracy theories have been around for decades, and are ways for people to rationalize some unbelievable events. However, some of these theories are starting to make a lot of sense, and many are now coming out as true, as information is released to the public. These theories usually have a mass following which try to get to the bottom of some of the biggest mysteries surrounding the world right now. These mysteries can include, feats in human efforts, national tragedies, and even the latest iPhone coming out.

While many people may think conspiracy theorists are just weird people, with too much time on their hands, they may be right, but after researching some of these theories, it can be easy to start believing them yourself. Whether it’s just coincidence that these theories make too much sense, or that their fake simply to gain attention, it’s still worth researching, because many theories produce new ways of looking at things that you may never have thought of.

Skepticism is good to have, but when skepticism turns into paranoia, is when you get the strange conspiracy theorists in the world. It’s good to be open minded when discussing conspiracy theories, and try to see both sides, no matter how ridiculous.

15. The Moon Landing Took Place on a Film Set


When many think of Conspiracy theories, they either think 9/11 or that the moon landing was faked. Conspiracy theorists believe the American moon landing was faked, in order to better America during the space race with Russia in the 60’s. They’ve made bold statements, like the moon landing was actually simply filmed inside a film studio. Many theorists note taking the evidence from the video provided from the supposed landing.

Theorists believe the moon’s gravity was portrayed incorrectly in the video provided, and they believe simply off of this notion, the whole thing was faked. Others claim to simply zoom in on the visor of the astronaut shown, and you can see other crew members, and even parts of the set. Whether or not the landing was faked, there are some strange things that have still gone unanswered about the event…

14. 9/11 was Caused by the Government


The devastating incident that took place on September 11th, was a monumental loss for people living in the US. Since then much has come out about the attacks, but much is still unknown. This lack of information has caused many to begin speculating what could’ve caused these attacks, and why the public wasn’t informed. This leads many to believe that the attacks weren’t actually caused by terrorists, but was planned by the US government the whole time.

This is one of the largest conspiracy theories that is still ongoing. There isn’t just one conspiracy surrounding that event either, but it spans across several different attacks experienced that day. For example, the explosion and collapse of building 7. This seemed odd to people, as it took place several hours after the original two buildings fell, and seemingly collapsed out of nowhere. Theorists believe for financial and power reasons the government purposefully blew up these buildings, planting the explosives themselves.

13. Crop Circles are Signs of Aliens


Crop circles are caused when vegetation in a field is flattened to reveal a larger pattern, when high above the field. This theory began back in the 80’s when people began noticing large portions of their fields to be flattened, not only that, but in a pattern. Many believe these crop circles were made as a way for alien creatures to communicate with Earth peacefully.

Others simply believe the crop circles are a hoax, played on farmers by local pranksters. However, the amount of crop circles showing up has increased drastically since their origin in the early 80’s. It’s also worth noting that not much scientific or official studies have been performed on the crop circles. To many this means the government could know about this phenomena, and isn’t telling the public. However, that’s a whole separate theory…

12. Government Testing Under MKUltra


In the 1950’s the US was scrutinized by the public for running illegal operations under the codename “MKUltra”. MKUltra was a log of experiments done on random people, even children, in which they’d test new drugs in order to see if they’d be helpful in controlling the masses. The main idea behind MKUltra was to break down the mind so scientists can control it.

The use of these mind control substances include LSD, hypnosis, and other sinister tactics. It’s thought that a lot of these experiments were done without the test subject’s consent, and often left them with permanent damage to their brain. Some theorists believe some cases even left the subjects unconscious or dead…MKUltra was run by the CIA in conjunction with the US Military Chemical Corporation.

11. Flight 93 was brought Down purposefully


With the heat on the building 7 near the twin towers, the other attacks were overlooked for a while by theorists. However, many theorists developed theories that make much more sense than the story we were given of heroism of the passengers on board. Many believe flight 93 was actually shot down by the government. F-16 jets were likely used in taking down the flight.

The main reason people believe the government took these actions was to prevent an attack in Washington, the original destination of the terrorists on board. Due to unresponsive radio contact, the government had to make a quick decision, due to three other planes hitting national monuments. They decided to shoot it down, and make up the story we know today, most likely to comfort the families of those they killed…

10. Reasons behind Marylin Monroe’s passing are questionable


Marylin Monroe was an extremely popular actress back in the 40’s and 50’s. She was found unconscious in her apartment in 1962, which ended a high profile career in film. Or so we’re told. Many people believe Marylin Monroe was targeted by somebody higher up. It’s no secret that Marylin shared a personal relationship with the then president, John F. Kennedy. Through theorists say that Marylin may have learned one too many secrets.

To back this theory up further her ex husband had been blacklisted after being speculated to be a communist. However, Monroe still remained in contact with him. Many people think she was sharing secrets from her connection at the White House with her ex husband. It’s thought that JFK was the one to send the order against Monroe, as it would benefit his presidency and the chance for re-election.

9. Apple Deliberately Slows Down iPhones


This one isn’t a serious as government conspiracy, or anything like that, but it may affect many more people than they realize. Apple has had a theory circulating it’s practices to slow down older models of the iPhone to incentivize users to purchase the newest edition, making more profit for Apple. This started when users began noticing random resets, and overall speed of their phone decrease right before the next big launch of the iPhone.

This theory remained a theory, until very recently, when Apple came out as confirming this theory to be true. It shocked many, and Apple is currently being held liable in court for taking these actions. This theory has evolved to the point of being a selling point for Apples competitors, with slogans like “we don’t slow down our phones deliberately”.

8. What actually happened to JFK?


John F Kennedy’s death was put on Lee Harvey Oswald, however, many may not know that it was potentially planned to be that way. Many theorists believe that there was no possible way that Harvey was able to fire as many shots as he did with the instrument that was said to be on the scene. It’s likely Harvey missed the first shot, and it was followed up by a second shooter to finish the job.

Oswald was then believed to be offed by the CIA to prevent any inside information coming out. Other theories imply that Kennedy’s death was due to a friendly fire from one of his security details. It’s believed that the security guard misfired when trying to shoot back at Harvey, but instead hitting Kennedy. However, he was never blamed as Harvey was already taken into custody. Other theories exist which get even more bizarre, but you can’t help to theorize when so little information was given to the public…

7. Strange UFO Related incident Points Fingers at the Government


A man by the name of Max Spiers was fascinated by UFOs, and the mysteries they hide. He was known as a ufologist, someone who studies UFOs professionally. However, his interests would soon end in his demise. As he was closing in on some information that would change the mystery behind UFOs forever, he had a feeling he wasn’t going to live to be able to reveal it to the public.

A few days before his demise Max sent a text message to his mother that read “If anything happens to me, investigate.” It was released to the public that Max passed away of natural causes, but his mother is set on finding the truth behind all of this. His mother has spoken out to the conspiracy theory communities about how she believes someone wanted her son gone for whatever large information he had in his hands.

6. Paul McCartney Has Been gone for Years


Many conspiracy theorists believe the famous band member of the Beatles, Paul McCartney actually passed in 1966. How is he still performing you may ask? Many believe the Beatles hired a look a like to stand in Paul’s place. This would mean that the Beatles were in on it as well… How did the public pick up on this? Supposedly the other band members began to feel guilty about Paul’s untimely demise, and hid clues about it in their songs.

The biggest clues to this come from the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. In a song the lyrics “He blew his mind out in a car”, and “Paul is dead, miss him, miss him”, can only be heard if the song A Day in the Life is played backwards. The theory goes even deeper, as many believe the Beatles designed their album covers to reveal the passing of their friend Paul, specifically in the cover to Sgt. Pepper.

5. The Titanic Crash was Known About Beforehand


The Titanic is still deemed one of the most disastrous crashes in history. Also ironic since the ship was deemed unsinkable, but it was indeed unsinkable. Theorists believe that the Titanic never actually sank, but it’s sister ship the Olympic was the one that bit the dust. It’s theorized that the Olympic was damaged in a collision, and instead of sinking, they decided to swap ships and sink the Titanic instead.

Why did they do this, you might ask yourself? The Titanic was a very popular ship at the time, and many believed it was unsinkable. However, many believe that certain people wanted the insurance money. Hence, when the Olympic supposedly sunk they renamed it Titanic in order to collect the insurance money.

4. The Mandela Effect


The Mandela effect is something that happens when something was believed to be one way in the past, but is now a different way in the present. This simple logic has caused many to believe that there are alternate dimensions that leak through to our world, and simply change over time. Some of these instances include Nelson Mandela’s death. Many believed Mandela passed away in prison, but when he actually passed away in 2013, many couldn’t believe it.

This is where the name Mandela effect comes from, and since then many more instances have occurred. Some as simple misspelling in names, to famous movie quotes that are now different. One example is the famous kids book, the Berenstain Bears, where many believed the book’s title was actually Berenstein Bears, which was pronounced much differently. The Mandela effect is real, or it’s a bunch of people who have early onset amnesia…

3. Earth’s Center is Hollow, and There are People Living There


This theory has lost a lot of it’s believers as time has passed, but it’s worth noting as a bizarre conspiracy theory. We’re all aware of the conspiracy that the Earth is actually flat, but have you ever heard the one where people believe the Earth is hollow? This theory all started when a man appeared on a radio show to tell his story of how he discovered that the Earth is hollow.

The man was driving home one day, when bad weather struck, sending him careening into a 200 foot drop. He miraculously survived, but not without seeing something. He claims to have seen a strange bright light, so bright that it apparently made him legally blind. After the light faded, and he was rescued by fire fighters, he claimed to have new found knowledge of a world within the Earth’s core. He described many intricacies, and the fact that he’d seen humans walking around inside the Earth’s core.

2. Distressed Actors Spotted at Different events


Many people believe that the mass tragedies that keep happening in the US are planned by the government. They apparently have a lot to go off of, but the most prominent is something known as crisis actors. These actors are placed by the government in the scenes of these mass shootings, or explosions, and are usually shown to be devastated, as they just lost someone.

Many theorists also call these events false flags, or moments that weren’t actually orchestrated without purpose. These theories even go as far to have the victims in the tragedies be the crisis actors, and they’re simply setup to attempt to strengthen gun regulations in America. The strangest part is, none of these theorists have called the events that took place on 9/11, as false flags…

1. The Illuminati is Operating Out of the Denver Airport


The murals on the walls of the Denver airport have led many to believe that this is in fact a headquarters for the Illuminati. While the paintings are strange, and seem out of place, it seems strange that people would automatically assume it’s the illuminati, or would it? Ever since before it’s creation the airport was receiving strange attention from the public. For example, the reason it was even built. There wasn’t a need for the airport when there was a fully functioning one only a few miles away.

The airport is also overly huge, and apparently went way over the original budget. The creepy murals aren’t the only strange design choice, though. Many strange statues were placed in, and outside the airport which resembled satanic beings. It’s also believed that it could be a front for a Neo-Nazi group, as the airport’s layout, when viewed from birds eye view, reveals a swastika…

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