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15 Loser Things Guys Do That Completely Turn Off Women

15 Loser Things Guys Do That Completely Turn Off Women

It’s not a hard task spotting a loser, it’s like they carry an aura of ‘loserdom’ everywhere they go. However, before we start, it’s important to define who a loser is, and don’t get me wrong, a loser isn’t a nerd. No, we are talking about a starter-cap wearing “bro” who is unemployed and holed up in his mom’s basement. Yes, if you fit this bill, then you are probably wondering why you can’t get a decent girl your own age to date you. Let me explain a few things, you open her door, and pull her close but that doesn’t mean you will automatically overcome her with the desire to make tiny little losers with you.

If you can’t appreciate her or take the little things she treasures for granted, then you might be a loser. You might be wondering why all women call you a loser, and why your first dates never progress to the next, it could mean a lot of things, maybe you are just not looking for the right type of girl for you, or maybe you are just a plain old douche and women find you unattractive. If you suspect you might be a total douche and a loser but you are still in denial, here’s 15 loser things guys do that totally repel women.

15. World’s Best Slob


Okay, this is a big problem for most guys, and depending on how you were brought up, cleaning up after yourself would need a few therapy sessions and a yoga class. That said, women detest dirty men. If you can’t clean up after yourself, and especially when you have taken a girl to your house, then there is no doubt you are a total loser. There’s a thin line between an adult who can’t take care of himself and a loser. Women looking to find a partner, want a person they can share their lives together, she is not looking to be a nanny or a zoo keeper.

14. Lack Ambition and Motivation


Okay, we need to explain something before someone gets me wrong, you don’t have to apply to be on “Shark Tank” to be ambitious, but you also can’t sit on your lazy bum all day, eating snacks and laughing at YouTube videos. Worst still, you can’t be borrowing money from your girlfriend or using her car half the time. Girls don’t necessarily go for rich guys all the time, and you don’t have to get her a Lamborghini or to pay for every date to make you the ideal guy. But when you can’t manage your money, or exhibit a lack of ambition, it could potentially scare away decent women from dating you.

13. You have a Reputation Problem


You don’t have to be broke to be a loser, it doesn’t work that way. However, if you are single, and you spend every weekend out partying like crazy with your buddies, have a string of nightstands, then you might have a bit of a reputation problem with the ladies making you a complete jerk and a loser. Your reputation can make you undateable since women will view you as untrustworthy and malicious. No woman wants to date a guy who has had relations with half the girls she knows, it’s a complete turnoff, and she will definitely brand you as a cheat even before she agrees to date you.

12. You are 35 and still trying out Drugs

Okay, short disclaimer, using drugs are horrible kids! That said, if you didn’t get enough time to try out drugs and substances in college, then you are a total loser and no girl will want to associate herself with you unless of course a crack addict and we all know what these types of girls bring (trouble among other venereal diseases). If you cut your drug habit back to pot, meth and occasionally sniffing household chemicals, then you are a complete loser, and you need to get to a rehab center ASAP! Bottom line, she’s never going to date you if you are doing meth.

11. Your Resume includes High Scores from Grand Theft Auto


This is sad, and I pity guys who live this life. It doesn’t mean that playing your favorite games is a bad thing. If she’s part of playing games with you on your Play Station or Xbox, it’s actually fun, and a relationship booster means you want to experience things with her, and women value this a lot. However, if you spend all your time on games, and Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, then you are not the ideal dating kind of guy. If the best thing you have done since high school is complete a trilogy of games with your online buddies that include a six-year-old and bunch of frat guys passing time off class, then there is no doubt you are a loser and she will never date you.

10. You are considering getting a Second Neck Tattoo


Wow! This is painfully hilarious, and if you say this to a girl during an actual date don’t even expect to get a “Reached home safe” text. She will block you from her life and even issue a restraining order. Don’t get me wrong, Tattoos are awesome when they are used well. If you already made a mistake and put one neck tattoo, why in Jupiter’s name would you go for a second neck tattoo? Unless of course you are part of a gang, which makes you a criminal, and there is no way on earth she is dating a criminal.

9. You Don’t care about grooming

If you are mature enough to be called an adult, then it means you have spent more than a decade and a half on the planet, and you should have an idea of how to dress up. If your idea of dress up is putting on some pants, then you are a complete loser, and it’s a reason why she can’t date you. You don’t have to dress up in a $5000 suit or designer wear to be eligible, but showing up to a dinner event she invited you with a tee written “ain’t nobody got time for dat” is a total loser move. If you can’t clean up well, then you have no business being around her.

8. He still rolls with a Skate Board


There is nothing wrong with cycling to work, it might mean you are really protective of emissions and the environment, this goes well with a lot of the ladies. But, if you still hover around with your skateboard and starter cap, then, there is no simple way of putting it, you are a loser, and you need to get a grip of your life. It would be totally embarrassing if she met you with her friends on your skateboard, works magic with the Elementary chics, but not a full-grown woman. If you want her to take you seriously get rid of the skateboard, and get a car or a bike. Doesn’t have to be a Ferrari or a Kawasaki either.

7. You Speak Like Jesse Pinkman


Well, I don’t mean to stereotype, but still, if you use phrases like “Yo”, then you probably aren’t mature enough to date someone. If you sag your pants and wear baggy 90’s hip-hop wear, then you are never going to be popular with the ladies. A woman naturally wants a straight-up guy, she is not looking for someone who is still finding himself or trying out new looks. If you talk like Jesse Pinkman, then it’s obvious you still live at your mom’s house and if not, maybe a friends couch or worse your 80’s low rider. Just lay off the TV shows and read a book, you won’t be a complete loser after that.

6. You Got Banned from the Zoo


This is a funny one, I mean, if you are old enough to date and want to get married, why would you get banned from your local zoo? And it doesn’t necessarily mean the zoo only. If you got banned from the Cinema, Balling Alley, Local Dinner, Recreational Center, Park, or any other social place, you probably are a neighborhood menace and you need to grow up! Well, you probably are quite the entertainer, with your hilarious pranks and don’t care attitude, but if you are trying to date her with this kind of reputation, you won’t get past the first date or to the first date.

5. You have a Private Pad….In your Moms Basement


This has to be the best definition of a loser. If you still live at your mom’s house and you are over 30 years, don’t get it twisted, you are a loser! A big Loser! Unless of course, you are taking care of her, which doesn’t mean you live in the basement or the garage. There’s no way a girl will come from a date and go down with you to your mom’s basement. She sees the basement, she’s calling an Uber FAST! If your mum still takes care of you like you are 7, then you don’t even need to be dating, someone needs to dress you up and take you to Disneyland!

4. You are not a Gentleman


There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and if the latter describes you, then she is more likely to look for someone who prefers looking at her than at the mirror. It’s a bit of a loser move to be more interested in yourself than in the person that you are dating, and it works both ways. You wouldn’t want to date a girl who is too interested in herself either, won’t work. While Chivalry is dead, you could still try to impress her by always ensuring that she comes first. Women will never admit this, but, they all want to be treated like princesses.

3. She Hates your Buddies


Well, it’s hard enough for men to control their friends, and especially their childhood friends, this is because they have a big impact on our lives and who we eventually become. We spend a lot of time with friends, and they have a big influence on our behavior. However, who we hang out it is a reflection of who we are. In case a girl hates your buddies, then it can make things a little awkward for everyone who is involved. In case your buddies are total losers, then there is a big chance you are one, and if she hates them and still stays, count yourself lucky, because she is waiting for you to change.

2. You are a BIG Mamas Boy


It’s hard to define the exact age where you would define one as an adult, and does anyone really classify themselves as a proper adult? Well, your mum might still call you everyday before you sleep, and visit over the weekend to keep your house in order but the girl you are dating does not need to know this just yet! It’s hard for any girl to compete with a mother, it’s simple, and she can never win. What’s worse is when you have the time to meet up for dinner with your mum but can’t go for a simple coffee meet with your girlfriend. I can see loser spelled all over this.

1. You are Immature


Okay, it’s not bad to have fun once in a while with your buddies. Paintball, street races, video games, but when it becomes a habit, it’s a complete turn off to the ladies. If you spend half the time with your buddies being complete toddlers, and especially when she is around, then there is no doubt she will brand you a loser! If you are the type of guy who likes messing around, and completely have no interest in the girl you want to date, then she might doubt your capability of having an adult relationship, rubbing any potential for a serious future with her.


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