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15 Mysterious Places Not Found On Google Earth

15 Mysterious Places Not Found On Google Earth

Google Earth is useful to get to know an area you’re traveling to or that you want to know more about. It usually uses satellite images taken from space, that provide an idea of the area you’re looking at. It has different things that tell you the streets, and the terrain of the area in question. Google Earth has provided many with the opportunity to discover places they’re not able to visit in real life.

Take it a step further and Google Earth also allows for street view. This gets in depth, and close to the place you’re exploring. It acts as if you’re in a car traveling through the area. This is a huge advantage for people not sure where to go, so they can study up on the area before visiting.

With the constant picture taking that Google does to update these maps, they’re bound to stumble across strange things. Some things they’re not allowed to show. These places may be censored, or blurred depending on the area, and the request of the owner. Many owners will send requests to Google to censor their plot of land for whatever reason. Sometimes these reasons include secret military operations, extra terrestrial activity, or something even more sinister…

15. Volkel Air Base’s Hidden Secrets


The Volkel Air Base is one of the few air bases that are operating in the Netherlands. It’s said that the Volkel Air Base houses bombs, but more specifically nuclear bombs. The Netherlands government has denied these accusations of over twenty high octane bombs being held at this air base. So why is it blurred out on Google Maps?

Many people speculate that this is in fact where the bulk of their artillery is held. At least in the explosives department. However, if it is actually where they store their warheads, why would they make it so obvious by putting a large black indicator on the map, telling intruders exactly where to set off the fireworks. These rumors could doom them. They need to relocate the bombs, and don’t tell anyone, not even Google.

14. Prison Break


The reason this prison is so blurred when you search it is because it has housed too many outbreaks. So many that the prison’s warden decided to ask Google to censor the prison out of fear that prisoners would Google the prison’s landscape, and plan an escape. There are better ways to avoid breakouts, like enhancing security…

There have been several breakouts where prisoners have escaped on the roof. The breakouts got so bad that the prison often requests full aerial blackouts. Again, most of this should be fixed internally in the prison, but who are we to judge. Luckily the facility isn’t that large, and the ones who escape are usually caught a few hours later. They’ve become experts at catching escaped criminals after all.

13. Chekov the Hidden Russian City


The Russian city of Chekov isn’t very large, and doesn’t have much going on in or near it. However, Google Earth still feels the need to blur it out. Not just one section of the city, but the whole city. Many people have taken to street view to figure out the mystery. They’ve traveled to the nearby city, which is viewable in its entirety. So what’s going on?

Many people say the reason Google has blurred the city is because the city is home to an underground secret tunnel that leads to one of Russia’s government buildings. It’s said the railway was used during the World Wars to help military men traverse the cold temperatures of Russia with ease. It still doesn’t explain why it’s hidden nowadays – they definitely didn’t have access to Google Maps back in WWII…

12. Censorship of Baker Lake


An area in North Canada is surrounded by darkness – according to Google Maps at least. Many see this censorship as a response to the nuclear controversy surrounding this area of Canada. Others suggest that this area is home to several beacons that are speculated to be used to contact extraterrestrial life. This seems a bit farfetched as the area covered in blackness seems to be vast, and there’s no possible way there are that many satellites.

So what is it then? No one has really traveled to the area to find out its mysteries, and it’s still left unknown. Many people say that it’s just a glitch in the satellite, and people are making a big deal out of a simple mishap. However, that sounds like an excuse for a bigger cover-up, which leads directly back down the alien rabbit hole.

11. The Island of Itu Aba


You may look at this picture and notice that there is no censorship or darkened areas. You’d be correct, however there should be. This island off the south coast of China hosts a small secret military base, and the Taiwanese government asked Google to keep the island under wraps, and off of their Google Earth view. However, something happened, and the island is fully visible.

The island also apparently hosts a hospital, fully functioning airport, and lighthouse. This mistake, or blatant ignoring of the Taiwanese government by Google puts this island in danger of intruders if another war ever broke out. While an aerial view of the island doesn’t give away all of its secrets, it’s enough of a start for some…

10. The Mystery of the Sunken Car


A 67-year-old man went missing from Wyoming, along with his car. The only thing they had to go off of was the man’s picture, and the license plate of his car. The car was a 1990 Pontiac, and people in the local area were told to call in about any tips if they’d seen the car around. However, the person who would reveal the missing car and the missing man, wasn’t a person at all, but Google Earth.

Google Earth revealed a small pond in which a strange mass was seen in it. After employees of a nearby funeral home inspected it, they confirmed it was the missing Pontiac. Sadly the man was still strapped in it, and the case was closed. Many believe foul play could’ve been involved, but the case was closed as an accidental death.

9. The House of Horrors


It’s strange that Google has decided to blur just one house. It seems random, but the backstory explains why the censorship was very necessary. This house belonged to a man who kidnapped three women. He did unspeakable things to them. He kept them in the house for almost a decade before one of the girls was able to escape, and call for help.

The house has since been demolished in an attempt to destroy any demons it may still hold. However, this still wasn’t good enough for Google, so they decided to censor what remains of the house, which mainly consists of its concrete foundation. It’s better that it’s blurred so everyone can try to forget what happened here.

8. Hidden Mysteries of the Washington/Oregon Border


In the North-West of the United States, you can see a large black box on Google Maps around the border of Washington and Oregon. Many people believe this section was blacked out due to secret research programs under FEMA. However, when people have traveled to this blank spot in real life, they’ve seen nothing.

All that is located here is an entrance that is surrounded by a strange fence. The area is off-limits to the public and is always locked. Many people have speculated that the entrance leads to an underground government base where researchers study aliens. It doesn’t make much sense as to why it’s blurred out on an aerial view of it however. It just draws more attention to it…

7. The Darkened Area of Spain Known As Girona


When you are on Google Earth and head over to Spain, you may see this strange black figure on the map. Many have found ways to get around the censorship, and underneath lies an air surveillance base. The base is supposed to be used to detect and potentially take down unknown aircrafts that enter the area.

Seems likely enough, but it’s worth bringing up that this specific area of Spain was famous for its supposed alien rumors during the ’70s. When aliens were at their peak, this area was supposed to be a place where UFOs were spotted frequently, and a government base for studying aliens was said to be located somewhere in Spain. Could this be that base, and could it still be in operation?

6. Valencia City Missing from the Map


Valencia City doesn’t seem like the type of place to end up on a list like this. It has thousands of people living in it, and it’s still a bustling city. So why did Google decide to blur a large chunk of the city? The only explanation that was given was that it was blurred because it held the missile program for the Philippines. However, this doesn’t explain why over half the city was censored.

Many say it’s a simple glitch from the satellites, but satellites do one things, and they’re very good at that one thing. It’s unlikely a large piece of technology such as that would mistakenly blur almost a whole city. This could have been done to lessen the chances of someone seeing the blurred spot where the missiles were located, and finding them in real life. When in doubt, just blur the whole thing!

5. Col. Sanders the Mystery Man


If you take to Google Street view, and find your local Kentucky Fried Chicken, you’ll find that Col. Sander’s face is blurred in almost every picture. This is because the Google Street view will automatically blur any human face it detects to protect the innocent from having their information stolen. This apparently includes the king of chicken himself, Col. Sanders.

This is just props to the graphic designer who made the logo of Sander’s face. Apparently, it’s very lifelike! Interestingly enough, there is a massive version of Col. Sander’s face which can be seen from space. It’s located in the Nevada desert, and can be seen by Google’s Earth view. Funny enough, it’s not blurred. Seems strange right?

4. Most of North Korea


North Korea is known to be strict, and that’s an understatement. It’s also known to be very secretive, even gaining the nickname the hermit kingdom. Only until a few years ago, it was the whole country that was blurred on Google Maps. Now only certain sections are blurred. Google Maps will allow you to travel through North Korea, without actually being there.

It’s interesting to go through, and see what kind of place North Korea is. It’s one thing to hear all of the negative press it gets on the news, but to actually see the things inside North Korea is another. Luckily now we have the ability to do this, however with limitations. Certain sections are censored from the public, and will likely never be lifted for public view.

3. The Disapearance of the Oil Refinery


While the oil refinery hasn’t actually disappeared in real life, it has vanished from Google Maps. Actually, it has been replaced by a green mass covering its main base of operations. However, this was done at the request of the oil refinery itself. This is very strange for a company to do, and only makes it seem like it’s hiding something.

People have screenshots of the refinery before it was blurred from public view, and the uncensored images show nothing unusual. This makes the reasoning behind the refinery wanting the censorship even stranger. Nobody knows what they’re hiding there, and it may not even be anything. It’s most likely a paranoid person in power.

2. Tantauco National Park


Tantauco is a national wildlife reserve located in Chili. It’s not just any animal reserve, but one for endangered species. It reaches over four hundred miles across – aall four hundred miles not viewable on Google Earth View. This doesn’t seem that strange at first, until you realize that the park is made public, and even features hiking trails.

Many have speculated that the park is hiding something, but nobody knows what it could be. Many claim that the area is a hotspot for alien activity, and there have been multiple sightings of UFOs in the area. This still wouldn’t explain why the area isn’t viewable, unless there was a secret alien base located on the property, which is impossible because it’s open to the public. It could just be a glitch…

1. Severnaya Zemlya


This Russian island wasn’t actually discovered, and explored until the 1900s. At the moment, the island is abandoned and hasn’t seen anyone living on it in ages. So why, when you view it on Google Earth, does the image appear to be censored? It wasn’t a glitch or human error, because then the whole island would be blurred.

There was obvious tinkering done to this image, and the photographers wanted to hide something, but what? Many have speculated that the island isn’t actually abandoned, and houses a strange humanoid species that the government is doing tests on. Due to the island being desolate, and far from human contact, it’s no wonder the government would choose to make it its next testing area.

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