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15 Of The Scariest Giant Creatures Caught On Tape

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15 Of The Scariest Giant Creatures Caught On Tape

There is so much mystery to this world, due in part to how much humans have yet to discover. However, every day someone captures something new, whether through a camera lens, or through personal experiences. While these things can seem scary, that is half in part because we can’t comprehend whatever we’re seeing. You can try your best to avoid these creatures, but a lot of them show themselves randomly, and out of nowhere.

Humans are typically afraid of small things that move fast, whether it be rodents like rats, or small bugs like cockroaches, most humans want to stay away from these creatures. However, if we think about the other side of the spectrum, the largest of creatures can seem just as terrifying. Large slow moving things are usually beyond human comprehension. We’ve all heard and seen a Godzilla movie, but trying to imagine something like that happening in real life is unfathomable, and also terrifying.

A disease called Gigantism has affected animals, and even some humans. It is most commonly seen in the depths of the ocean, where fish that live near the ocean floor adapt to that environment making it easier for them to grow in large sizes. However, some cases of gigantism have reached beyond the depths of the ocean, and on to land. Running into these creatures can surely make someone second guess if they’re in a nightmare or not.

15. Shipworm


Shipworm are a species of mollusks, and are hunted in the Philippines for their shells. The shells closely relate to an elephants tusk, or a rhino’s horn. The husks themselves sell for around two hundred dollars a piece. For a long time, scientists have been trying to capture the creature while it’s still in its shell, but for a long time just got the empty shell.

That is until this team of scientists cracked open this shipworm’s shell, and found a five-foot long shipworm that immediately dispensed a putrid smell into the room. The scientists found it in a sulfur filled mud pool, where the creature had been eating bacteria for quite some time. That would explain the gross smell, and the size of the creature.

14. Giant Snake


A construction crew tasked as a demolition team located in Brazil started their work, but were suddenly stopped when they found the remains of a flattened anaconda. The anaconda measured to be 33 feet, and the video footage taken of the beast shows just how big the creature is. It takes several seconds of panning to get through the whole snake’s body.

Running into this creature dead was the luckiest thing these workers could’ve hoped for. Whatever killed the snake must’ve had some force. It’s obvious that the snake was crushed, as the head is smushed. However, if this snake were alive it could easily eat a whole human, and come back for seconds. It’s unknown how a snake can get that large, but it’s best if humans stay out of their diets.

13. Megalodon


This prehistoric shark has been a myth as if it is still lurking around or not. The Megalodon is an ancient shark that was alive around the times the dinosaurs were. The huge shark was, and still is the largest shark to have ever swam on Earth. The humongous creatures lived around 2 million years ago, and it’s very unlikely that there are still some swimming in the depths of the ocean today.

The shark’s length could be upwards of 60 feet, and the jaw force it had was otherworldly. There have been sightings of great whites that most likely fell not far from the Megalodon tree due to their size. These creatures have been caught on tape, and shocked scientists. While it’s unlikely there is a 70 foot shark swimming in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, its ancestors could very well be out there, and be just as big.

12. Giant Jellyfish

Jellyfish are the oceans pillows; that is until you reach the underside, and get struck by their many tentacles. Jellyfish are often looked at as harmless, but the opposite can be said about the creatures. The jellyfish can be very poisonous and cause people to go into shock or die on the spot from the amount of poison entering a person’s body at one time.

There have been many sightings of jellyfish suffering from gigantism and even some caught on film. These creatures move slow, and take there time to get where they’re going, but are fierce nonetheless. They’re slow movement patterns are a blessing for nearby divers, as they’ll most likely be able to move out of the way in time. Many recordings have featured giant jellyfish washed up on beaches; these creatures can still be dangerous even then. The stingers still work on the surface!

11. Giant Floating Blob


An oil rig had a camera attached to it. While it was floating, it caught a strange creature floating past the rig. At first glance, it can look like a floating tarp or other paper substance, however you can see that it has a mind of its own when it finally starts darting across the screen. The shape of the creature is strange, and it can catch you in a trance. The movement is almost mesmerizing.

The camera operator quickly takes note, and begins to follow the creature, as it floats seamlessly by the oil rig. Many speculated that it was a part of a whale, but scientists disproved this theory, in saying that the part of the whale people are referring to would be eaten immediately. Scientists later identified it as a huge jellyfish, with a unique body.

10. Giant Alligator


At a nature reserve, onlookers look in terror as one of the largest gators ever seen, and recorded for that matter, walks in front of them. The gator walks slowly, and moves as if it doesn’t take notice of the humans. Luckily, the gator seems to be fixated on whatever it’s walking towards, giving camera crews the perfect opportunity to capture it.

The gator is located in Florida, and the largest gator in Florida has been recorded as being 14 feet long. Scientists say that the gator in this video may be larger than that, however they’ve had difficulties getting exact measurements on the beast. The gator looks prehistoric, and could fit right in with the dinosaurs.

9. Giant Troll in the Woods


A Youtuber filming his hiking trip is interrupted when he hears a strange sound in the forest he’s hiking through. As the noises draw nearer, the Youtuber runs across large footprints placed there by some larger being. Toppled trees, and these huge footprints put the Youtuber on edge. Suddenly the sounds he was hearing earlier draw even closer.

At this point, the Youtuber has already decided to leave the forest, and wanted to capture a few more of the sounds, and footprints for proof later. The Youtuber decided to make a hasty escape, before something bad happens. He speculates that it was a predatory call, and if he’d stayed any longer he could’ve been eaten. The noises could’ve also been territorial, either way it’s a good idea he left when he did!

8. Superhuman


A person on a flight was filming the clouds below when suddenly something strange emerges from those clouds. It seems faint, and hard to see at first. It then flies closer to the plane, and begins to materialize. Soon enough the person can make out a humanoid figure in a flying position. The figure seems to be massive in size, compared to a normal human being.

This footage could’ve obviously been faked. There are several glaring reasons why it’s not a flying humanoid creature. The filming was too convenient. Who just films the skyline of a plane? The reaction of the person filming was non-existent; the person would’ve surely tried to get other people to see it. Finally, it disappears off screen too quickly. Even though it’s pretty much fake, it’s still a neat video, and it can give someone a sense of mystery the next time they look out the window on a long flight.

7. Sewer Monster


One day a man was out checking his mail when he got a strange feeling, like something was off. He decided to search around, until he heard heavy breathing coming from the sewer. Bravely he ducked down to peek into the sewer (he must’ve never read Stephen King’s “It”). Peering back at him was a hug alligator. It has two bright eyes that reflected the light of the camera.

In the video, you can hear the alligator breathing, and you can almost feel it. Based on that alone, you can tell how big the gator is. People watching the video were speculating about how the gator got there, and noticed the green ball in front of the gator. Some theorize that there was a kid that chased his ball into the sewer, and never made it back out.

6. Komodo Dragon


Komodo dragons are one of the closest things alive today that resemble dinosaurs. Due to the way they move and the size of them, these creatures can become frightening, if caught outside an enclosure. Komodo dragons have a hefty appetite. They can consume up to 120 pounds worth of food in one sitting.

Wild Komodo dragons have been known to attack humans, and hunt them down. This often happens on tourist trails. In 2007 an eight-year-old boy was attacked, and eaten by a Komodo dragon, and there have been other reports of these creatures attacking humans. For example, at a zoo a visitor reportedly got the top of his foot eaten off while standing next to the creature’s enclosure.

5. Giant Alien Creature


This video comes from Beijing, China, and shows a huge slow moving creature across the city skyline. The poor visibility is due to smog from pollution. The monster stands tall far above the city, and seems to have multiple appendages. The monster seems tame, however this could just be from how slow it’s able to move. Helicopters and attack jets can be seen attacking the monster.

This video is obviously faked, since there would be several news reports, and an all out war on the monster. However, the video description explains that the Chinese government contained all video evidence (except for this high quality HD video conveniently). This is really well done CGI, and it goes to show the state of panic people would be in if a creature of this size was roaming Earth.

4. Tree Monster


This creature was captured on the Barbados Islands, and is seen from far away on the skyline of the islands. It seems to be a giant creature that obviously has arms and legs, since they visibly swing back and forth as it walks. The head of the monster looks like it could have algae or other bush like features. It doesn’t appear to have any distinct facial features.

The creature’s footsteps can be heard in large bellowing sounds. It even lets out a huge screech as it walks the skyline. This is definitely CGI, but it was well done. With it being on a skyline it could be easy to make a silhouette  of a creature, and make it seem real. However, like the other large creature, this thing would’ve been all over every news station, and it would’ve been met with some sort of military force.

3. Beached


This strange sea creature washed up on a beach somewhere in America. It confused onlookers as they had never seen a fish or shark that looked like this. The man filming pushes his foot into it, and the skin gives way a tad. The appearance of the creature is nothing like anyone’s ever seen, and it looks quite disturbing. However, the onlookers decided it was some sort of foreign shark nobody’s discovered yet.

The more likely case is it’s a prop, either being used for a prank, or experiment of some sort. If it is a prop, then it’s a well made one, and sells the people who are there looking at it. However, if it’s not a prop then marine biologists have their work cut out for them as they try to decipher what kind of strange sea creature this is.

2. Multiple Headed Creature


Another creature off the coast of Barbados Islands: it’s said that every March, gigantic creatures can be seen wandering the coast of the Islands. This video features a four-headed monster that slowly makes it’s way across the horizon. It seems to have the form of a dragon, and would be home in a Godzilla movie.

This is also most likely fake (luckily). The major issue is the fact a monster of that caliber moving up and down in the water would surely create some big waves. However if we take a look at the horizon, and the boats on it, we can tell there are no such waves. The reaction of the people filming also seems too mild for the potential discovery of a four-headed dragon. All in all, it was well made, and a fun video to watch.

1. Unknown Corpse


This carcass showed up in Indonesia one day, and it was unidentifiable by surrounding people and local scientists. It was huge, and was obviously dead. It started to turn the surrounding water red, which concerned locals. There are no real defining features to the creature, and it’s left up to scientists to try to figure out what the beast could be, and why it’s dead…

When scientists came to a conclusion that it could’ve been a giant squid, or a deceased sperm whale, things still weren’t adding up. People on the coast started to believe that the 15-meter-long creature was a sea monster that had been hiding in the ocean for years only to reveal itself once it passed.

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