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15 People Who Were Mysteriously Found Frozen In Time

15 People Who Were Mysteriously Found Frozen In Time

Many people have traditions of burying their dead in caskets or cremating them. However, many cultures, especially back in the day, took it a step further to preserve their fallen. These preservations ensured to slow the human decomposition, and preserve the looks, and clothing of the dead. This was often done out of respect for the dead, and many cultures display these who’ve fallen.

However, many of the most well preserved bodies weren’t preserved on purpose. Cold icy conditions slow the human decomposition process ten fold. Many people who passed away in cold conditions, whether due to the cold climate, or accidental death, can be found very well preserved. These people have much of their skin in tact, and even many times their hair.

Many of the people found are decades, sometimes centuries old, and can still be recognized as if they were still alive. This goes to show the fascinating nature of the human body. These discoveries have helped scientists, and medical experts take a look back in time to see how the people looked, dressed, and even diseases that plagued them. These people frozen in time show a true feat in the amazing nature of human beings, and it makes you think how many more are still waiting to be found…

15. Pure Beauty Preserved Forever


It’s strange to think of a mummy, or corpse for that matter, being described as beautiful, but that’s how archeologists described this mummy. In 2003 they uncovered this specimen in a Chinese graveyard. She was preserved with everything to her eyelashes still in tact. Because of the nature in which the area she was buried in, it helped preserve the body.

After centuries of her passing, the herbs she was buried with were still present. She was buried in a wooden boat, and that had ceased to even rot. Archeologists came to the conclusion that she was a village leader, based off her hat. The woman’s history beyond that remains unknown, but it’s interesting that a body centuries old, can be uncovered, and remain this in tact.

14. Itigilov The Frozen Russian Monk

Via: Youtube

In 1927, a Russian Monk knew he was going to die soon. He asked his fellow peers to start his meditation ceremony. They didn’t want to perform the ceremony, because they typically don’t perform this types of ceremonies, when the person is still breathing. He began to meditate in solitude, and soon other Monks began to join him, until he took his last breath.

The Monk requested to be put into the position you see him in, in the photo. His request was granted, and his body was put into a wooden box. He has since been uncovered, and is on display for Monks to pray to. He has gained quite a following, so much so that many believe he is still alive. His body is on display, and it receives no special treatment to keep his body from decaying.

13. The Man Who Lives in a Hole In The Amazon

Via: Youtube

This man who goes from hole to hole in the Earth, and lives in them is also known as the last tribes man. The man was said to be the loneliest man on Earth. He was found in 1996, living on his own in the Amazon Rainforest. The man who lived there was frozen in time, and was indeed the last surviving member of his tribe. The tribe he originates from is still a mystery however.

The man was found inside one of his straw houses he constructed on someone’s farmland. He dug holes inside the hut to live underground, away from the light. It’s said that the man would move from place to place, not living in the same hole for too long. It’s said the man is violent if people try to communicate with him, and experts say it’s because he’s afraid of being brought into modern life, after living a life of isolation. The local government protects him from anyone building on his land, so he’ll stay there until he dies.

12. The Arctic Civilization


The mysteries that lie below the icy cold surface’s of places like Siberia are interesting to think about. An ancient arctic civilization might be the last thing you think of, but they are literally frozen in time under the icy surface of Siberia. Archeologists uncovered the remains of two members of a tribe. The two bodies were of a small child, and a woman. They were covered in copper, and other materials to help preserve their resting place.

The temperature of the Siberia, where these bodies were found, can get to -5 celsius. These low temperatures aided in preserving the two bodies found here. The bodies have been taken to a nearby lab for testing of genetics, forensics, and other tests. Not much is known on the two, or the tribe they originated from, but archeologists are hard at work figuring it out.

11. The People Of Pompeii Forever Stuck In Time


Pompeii was a bustling city in it’s day, until a deadly volcano that erupted in 79 AD diminished the city, and the people in it. The civilization along with the whole city, is a place that is frozen in time. If you’re to tour there, get ready for a travel in time to a centuries old city that is very different from what we know of today.

Building structures still stand, tiles still present on the walls, and statues still stand high. This is incredible to see, as the volcano couldn’t cause these structures to diminish. The most disturbing part of Pompeii is it’s residents still present in casts of their once lively bodies. The faces of the people show ones of terror, and they are still preserved due to the hot nature of the stone, and ash coming from the magma clouds caused by the volcano.

10. Everest Climber Never Made It To The Top

Via: Wikipedia

Mt. Everest serves as one of the greatest challenges for mountain climbers everywhere. It is the highest mountain in the world, and has many people risking their lives to get to the top of it. It’s not only climbed by professionals, but people who’ve barely climbed mountains, seeking a thrill. This is why the mountain is riddled with the corpses of about two hundred people who couldn’t succeed.

Most of these people are identified, by the people they were climbing with. However, there is one lost soul on the mountain with no identity. A man that goes by the name of green boots took his final breaths somewhere on the large mountain. The man was said to have passed in 2001, and was then mysteriously gone in 2014. The green boots the man was hiking with is all anyone knows about the man, and now we may never know his true identity. He is forever frozen in time.

9. Princess of Siberia With The Tattoos

Via: Youtube

Another strange occurrence of a body being discovered in the Siberian permafrost. This discovery was of no casual citizen, but one of a princess. Her body was discovered in the mountains, near a pair of roads that crossed. She was located near the border of Russia. Next to the princess two men were discovered, and experts claim these men acted as warriors.

The princess was also claimed to be a warrior due to the tattoos that were preserved on her frozen skin. It’s worth noting that the men she was with also had tattoos. The discovery of these tattoos being in tact, and visible for that matter, are an incredible feat of the human body. The princess was found fully clothed, and surrounded by riches. Experts say the princess and her guards were that of a clan who operated in the 5th century BC.

8. Mountain Maiden Preserved So Perfectly That It Baffles Scientists


Discovering a body so well preserved, can help aid historians in bringing knowledge of wha the time was like when that person was alive. This woman was found frozen in an Incan burial ground, and is said to be 500 years old. She was discovered to be buried inside a non active volcano. Doctors who were examining the woman were confused, as to how she was so well preserved, some even saying they thought she passed a few weeks before.

One exhibitioner who found her, said that her hands gave him chills because they resembled that of a living person. The woman died in a curled up position, and was frozen in time like that. Her hair, and skin are all still in tact, and her clothes too. This discovery has baffled scientists, and doctors alike.

7. Kid Mummy


Losing a child can be very hard, especially when it passes so young. A man who lost his daughter in the 20’a to pneumonia, was too devastated, and wanted a way to display the child’s beautiful image for eternity. He did this by keeping his deceased daughter in a catacomb surrounded by a glass coffin.

After some time in the catacomb they moved her casket to a nitrogen filled chamber, which was also made out of gas. She is still present in the catacombs of Sicily, and was visited many times by her mourning father. While this type of grieving may be strange to some, the loss of a child can be devastating for some, and preserving her body, was the only way her dad could hold on. In his mind she was still alive in her glass room…

6. John Torrington And Crew Members Ran Out Of Luck In Canada

Via: Youtube

John Torrington was a sailor, and took part in the failed exhibition of searching the arctic. John passed away on a beach in Canada, and was one of the many people who passed on the dangerous exhibition. John was one of three crew members who was found on the beach over a century after their passing.

The bodies discovered were well preserved, and the cold temperatures of the beaches of Canada are to thank for that. The name of the man John Torrington is known, but any other information on the man is unknown. Digging at least five feet into the frozen ground, experts uncovered Torrington’s coffin. The plaque on his coffin reads that he passed in 1846. The coffin was well preserved too, and was very well made for the time it was made. This in part with the cold temperatures helped to preserve John’s body to this day…

5. 600 Year Old Mummy


In 2012 a construction worker in China dug up something miraculous. The man was paving the way for a new road, when he dug up this very old corpse. The 600 year old mummy was from the Ming Dynasty. The mummy’s casket was filled with water, but was still surprisingly well preserved.

The mummy was found in full clothing, and was buried with expensive jewelry. Experts found a exorcism coin buried with her, which was a common practice to safe guard the corpse from any evil spirits. Experts say the way the body was buried help to preserve the body so well, but went on to say that it was most likely unintentional, since China never mummified their people.

4. Eva Perón Still Alive?


Eva Perón was a very important person in the 1940’s to the people of Argentina. She was the wife of the then president Juan Perón. In many homes people put a picture of Eva next to pictures of Mary, the mother of god. Saying she was a national treasure would be an understatement. She was so beloved, that when she passed, instead of burying her, they decided to persevere her body.

An expert doctor who specialized in body preservation was tasked with preparing the body for preservation. He did such a great job, that the government took the body, and stored it in a house in Italy. It’s said that the caretaker fell in love with the body, and ended up going insane over her. Some time after this her remains were returned to her home country, and she lies there to this day frozen in time.

3. The Missing Couple


In the 1950’s a couple went missing. The man was a shoemaker, and the woman was a school teacher. They mysteriously disappeared one day near the Appalachian mountains. Nobody knew what happened to them, and they’re bodies lie undiscovered for many years after. It’s said the couple were off to milk their cows in their meadow one day, that was the last sighting of them.

Near 75 years later, the couple were found well preserved by a maintenance worker. The bodies were found where a glacier once resided. The glacier is home to a ski resort, and is losing more, and more of it’s ice each year. One of the owners of the resort, reported saying the bodies appeared to be rocks, until one day someone went up to them. They found years old boots, and attire from the 50’s. It’s believed that the couple fell into a crevice of a glacier, and not to be found for half a century later…

2. Xin Zhui, the ancient princess of China

Via: Flickr

Almost 2,000 years after her passing this queen was unearthed, and saw the light of day again. The woman was buried in China, and passed away in 163 B.C.E. Even after being buried for that long her internal organs, like her brain, were still in tact, almost untouched even. She is claimed to be the best preserved mummy ever.

Her name is Xin Zhui, but many consider her to be the “Diva Mummy”. She was so well preserved that the archeologists were able to perform a medical report on the woman. They found her medical issues she was suffering from when she was alive. They found she had lower back pain, clogged arteries, and even heart issues. Her preserved body offered experts a window into her time.

1. The Croatian Mystery

Via: The Verge

42 years after this Croatian woman was reported as going missing her remains were found where she’d died. She was relaxing in her favorite chair, and that is where she remained for many years. She was born in the twenties, and was said to have passed in the sixties. Local friends, and neighbors reported her missing, but after some time, they assumed she simply moved away.

The apartment she died in wasn’t being used, and wasn’t being rented out to anyone. It’s amazing that investigators didn’t look into the apartment, even after many people from the community requested. Her remains were finally found after police broke in to find out who owned the apartment. The officers on duty, claimed it was like stepping back in time, and nothing from her apartment had been touched. Not even her…

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