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15 Places He Can Meet His Dream Woman

15 Places He Can Meet His Dream Woman

Relationships can be a tricky thing to try to find. Especially if you don’t know where to start looking. No one really knows when you’ll run into that special someone, so it’s important to always stay on your toes when out and about.

You never really know when you might run into the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. There have probably been hundreds of opportunities that go by every day where you had a chance to meet the one. This constant search for the one has made people want to actively put themselves out there. There are places that are great for trying to meet new people, and maybe even that special someone. These places can include social events, work, entertainment events, etc.

When you do meet that special someone, the place you met becomes a special memory, and place to revisit. A lot of couples hold anniversaries at the place they met. Some even go as far as get married or have their proposal there. These places are much more important than one might realize at first glance. If you do end up meeting that special someone, it’s more than just a football game. It’s more than just a concert, it’s a memory.

15. College


College is optional for some people, and mandatory for others. So why not make the best of it while you’re there? College is right around the time people make it or break it with their high school sweet hearts, and move into the big leagues. College can be intimidating for many and for good reason. This is where you’re likely to meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Dating, partying, and goofing off are a must for college of course, but once you start to mature into the young adult you’re slowly becoming, you’ll take things more seriously. This includes the women you go for. When you start to mature, what you want in a relationship will change too; that’s why it’s important to try to find your dream girl in college.

14. Through a Friend (Setup)


Setups always have a bad rap for not working. The opposite could be said about setups however. Who knows you better than your friend? So why wouldn’t they want to set you up with someone who they know you’ll like, and that is similar to you.

Setups can be very awkward obviously, since it’s not very natural. The two parties know exactly why they’re there, and it gives an awkward vibe to the date. However, if you overcome the awkwardness, you can really start to see if the person is right for you or not. Next, you’ll notice you’re hanging out with her more than your friend. Even if it doesn’t click right away, that’s no reason not to try to make it work. Who say’s you can’t be just friends anyway?

13. Bookstore


Bookstores are usually a pretty social place. Given the amount of things there, they’re usually packed with books (hopefully), a coffee shop, and other things. A book is a perfect way to express yourself, and let others know more about you without even talking to them. Therefore, if you notice someone is into the same books you are, it can say a lot about the compatibility of the two parties.

Next thing you know, you’re on a coffee date, and expressing your love for coffee table books. Bookstores often let you sit, and sample books for a given time. Reading a book, or hosting a book club at a bookstore could be a great way to meet people. Even if you’re not into books, bookstores usually have magazines, graphic novels, and even comics. Even more to bond over!

12. Dog Park


What do women love more than a man with a baby? A man with a dog! If you have a dog, you can almost guarantee women will be attracted to you. Bringing your man’s best friend along to a dog park can be a perfect way of striking up a conversation with someone. It will start out with them asking the dog’s name, you tell them it’s a rescue, and boom you’re a hero.

She will most likely have a dog as well, and you can start getting to know her through her dog. Dogs make for great companions, and great wing men. If you get lucky enough the dogs could like each other, and you could setup a date, disguised as a doggie play date.

11. Friend’s Wedding


Women are very susceptible to finding single men at their friend’s wedding. There is a lot of happiness in the air, and no matter how happy she is for her friend, she’s also jealous. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re also single. That makes a great thing in common to have for striking up a conversation at such an event.

She will be concerned with when she’ll get married one day, and you can talk to her about that, and share your ideas about weddings. If the night goes well, you could be asked to dance, and things could move on from there. Watch out if she catches the bouquet, all eyes will be on you!

10. Concert


People (very much like with books) express themselves through the music they listen to. Chances are that if you’re at the same concert with someone, they’re into the same music you are. Now while it may not be the greatest idea to introduce yourself during a concert, what with the loud music playing, making yourself known before or after the concert could be ideal.

Typically after a concert, people go out to eat, so that could be a perfect time to ask her out. Then you can have a nice dinner while you talk about your love for whatever band you just saw. This can be a great way of introducing someone to a very personal thing in your life, and having that already be a thing in common is a huge leg up.

9. Work

via: nypdecider

Work relations can be iffy. However, if you really think it could work out, you should go for it. It’s risky if it doesn’t work out, because chances are you’ll still have to work with that person every day until you quit. Work is a place of business first and foremost, so have respect for the work place, and wait until before or after work to hang out.

Work will most likely be the thing that’s talked about the most, but it’s still something the two parties have in common. Often times, work peers go out to dinner or drinks after work, and this can be a great way of making yourself known, and putting yourself out there. Or vice versa, you can learn more about the woman you’ve had your eye on.

8. Beach


The beach is a magical place for many. It’s the go to vacation spot to take a load off. This means there will be a bunch of different types of people hanging out there. Of course that then means there’s a better chance of you finding the one you’re after. Sand, sun, surf, and everything in between, it can be easy to socialize at the beach.

If you happen to see someone who catches your eye, it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation than anywhere else. A lot of people like to take long walks on the beach, so why not join them? The beach also makes for a great first date, or first vacation as a couple. You get to see what a person truly is based on the relaxed side of them.

7. Farmers Market


The fresh market is home to a particular type of people, a higher standard if you will. If they have high standards about the freshness of their food, chances are they will with their partners too. That means if you’re an avid fresh market goer, you’re in luck! Striking up a conversation at a fresh market can be easy, since you both have similar tastes in food.

The fresh market is also a great place to take someone for a first date. That way on a nice day, it could be perfect to walk around and smell the freshness of all the foods. It also makes for great people watching, if you and you’re significant other are into that.

6. Party


Parties usually go hand in hand with college, but where there’s a friend group, there’s bound to parties, no matter the age group. A party is in fact a social gathering, meaning it’s meant as an event to meet people. People usually go to parties, because they know someone who’s going to be there, but it’s important to try to stray away from your safe zone, and try to meet new people.

There’s music, dancing, and food, what’s not to like? Sure, some people are less socially adept than others, but why not make the best of it. Typically if you’re a socially awkward person, there’s bound to be another person just like you suffering at the same party. It’s up to you to find that person.

5. Online Dating


Online dating, much like setups, have gotten a bad rap in the past years. What with all of the silly dating websites that make no sense, it’s been turned into more of a joke. However, online dating works, and it works well. With online dating, it’s easy to put yourself out there without the up front nervousness you’re faced with during a face to face meeting. The person really get’s to know you for you (unless you lie).

There are a lot of great apps for dating too. Take Tinder, for instance. The app itself gets a bad rap, but if you go into it serious, you’ll most likely find someone else who is serious about it as well. It makes it easy to strike up a conversation, and ask someone out. If it doesn’t work out, there’s always bound to be another person that swiped right.

4. Grocery Store


A strange one, but stranger things have happened. A grocery store is like a void in life, where people go in, and forget everything else during the day. They go in to get the stuff they need, just to get back out, and continue on with their day. However, while in the store, they’re susceptible to any sort of social interaction.

It won’t be super romantic like in the movies, where you reach for a box of Lucky Charms, and she’s reaching for the same box. However, it might be the cashier who takes a liking to you, or you strike up a conversation over a weird product that you and the other person are picking up. Any number of things could happen in a grocery store that could lead someone to their life partner. Just don’t expect them to tell the truth about how they met…

3. Church

via: espngrantland

Religion is a big thing for couples. It should be one of the first things discussed in a relationship. However, if you meet in church, it can be assumed you have the same religion. That’s a big plus right out of the gate.

In most churches, you’re not supposed to talk during the services, but before or after would be a good time to socialize. Talk about the service, your week, what you’re doing after church. This could spark a date after church. Why not? You’re both already dressed up, and most people get out of church around lunch time. There are obvious limitations to this, seeing as church is for people who want to express their beliefs, so if you don’t share the same beliefs it’s best not to seek someone out in a church of a religion you don’t belong to.

2. Football Game


A football game is a similar social gathering to a concert. You’re there supporting your favorite team, and chances are half the stadium is supporting that team as well. It could be kind of hard to socialize with someone, unless they were sitting right next to you during the game. However, there are social activities that happen around a football game, like tailgating.

A football game would also make for a great first date, if both parties were into it. People love sports, so if you have the same interests in sports and the same favorite teams, it’s a big plus. You could invite her over to watch games on the weekends, and plan get togethers around games.

1. Park


A park is slightly different than a dog park: it doesn’t have dogs. It’s a place that parents take their kids, or adults go to get away from everything. A park can be very relaxing, and there are so many parks to choose from. National parks all the way to city parks, they’re a great place to meet someone.

A BBQ could be happening at a park, which is a great place to socialize. A game of soccer or frisbee. There are so many opportunities to meet someone at a park, it’s a wonder why people don’t go to them too often. They’re too busy swiping right on Tinder. A common love for the great outdoors can really open yourself up to someone. At the very least, you can enjoy a nice calm day at the park.

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