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15 Strange Things Mysteriously Found Frozen In Ice

15 Strange Things Mysteriously Found Frozen In Ice

Icy landscapes are known to have many secrets hidden below them. With the ever increasing temperatures of the world through global warming some of these discoveries are finally being found. Some good, and some deadly bad. Most of these mysterious things found in ice are present in Siberia. Siberia is located in Russia, and is one of the coldest places on Earth.

Many people travel Siberia in order to hunt reindeer, but come back with much more than they expected. Most of these discoveries can range from bodies of strange animals, that aren’t from this era, to giant holes in the ground, that literally spell out the world’s end. It’s  interesting, and scary to think of the things we will be able to find in a few decades time, if global warming continues at the rate it’s at.

Scientists are always ecstatic to find these new discoveries, because it gives them gateways into the past. Sometimes dating far back to the BC era. The icy climates typically allow researchers to examine bodies from this era that are still fully in tact. It acts as a time portal, and scientists can examine different diseases, and creatures that roamed the earth many centuries ago.

15. Strange Frozen Photos of the Past


A voyage into frozen waters left the crew, and many of the passengers upon a ship, the raw sea party, in tragedy, and ended up crashing. However, recovered from the crash site were a century old lot of photographs from the expedition. In 2013 a group of conservationists were reconstructing huts in the arctic when they ran across a lockbox frozen in a block of ice, that withheld these black and white images.

Once the images were formatted to be visible, they depicted several photos from the expedition, and showed many of the crew in worry, as they knew they’re days were numbered. One of the most notable photos depicts a man standing proud, the leader of the expedition, Earnest Shackleton. It’s said that the ship became stuck in ice, and the crew members were forced to abandon it, and walk the rest of the way on the frozen waters. It’s said the crew ended up surviving, and made it to their destination, leaving behind these photos to tell their story.

14. Perfectly Preserved Maiden


This woman frozen in ice, may not seem that disturbing upon first glance, but when you hear her backstory, and really see the detail in her frozen body, it may send a chill down your spine. This Incan mummy was found over 20,000 feet above sea level on the edge of a volcano, accompanied, by what can be assumed were her children. It’s said she was so well preserved, that she still had lice in her hair.

The researchers, and doctors who were examining her were legitimately freaked during examination, with one even noting the realistic nature of her hands reminded him of a living, breathing human being. It’s assumed her clan sacrificed her to the volcano, due to her many ailments which included tuberculosis. Since she was so well preserved doctors were able to conclude her many ailments, and it even offered a gateway to the period of time in which she lived.

13. Disturbing Message in a Frozen Bottle


A geologist by the name of Paul T. Walker decided to take to proving the melting of glaciers. He put a note in a bottle, and buried it underneath rocks near a glacier in 1959. The note in the bottle instructed the finder to measure the distant from the bottle to the edge of the glacier. In 2013 two researchers uncovered the bottle encased in ice. The two decided to follow Walker’s instructions.

The disturbing findings revealed that the glacier retracted itself over 200 feet since Walker wrote the note not even five decades later. This proves that Walker was barking up the right tree, and proves that global warming is real, and it’s an issue that is acting fast. If someone from the 50’s could have proved global warming’s existence back then, then the amount of evidence we have now, there is no reason not to be worrying about this phenomena.

12. Oxymoron of a Lifetime: Frozen Volcano


Many people have seen the wonders that cold weather can do, for example coating the ground in a white wonderland. However, have you ever thought of the things cold weather can freeze? Chances are volcanos aren’t something people often thing of. These formations aren’t technically inactive volcanos freezing over, but ice has unique ways of forming icy structures that resemble volcanoes.

The immense change in temperature, when the ground freezes over, then melts, can be enough to form the ground into strange formations. A plain in China is home to some of these nature made structures. The fairly flat land is interrupted by the perturbing hills that are produced from these icy conditions. These structures are created from the pressure of the water being frozen, and in turn jut out volcano like structures out of the ground. It’s one of natures strangest phenomenas.

11. Deadly Disease Makes a Comeback


The Siberia is known for many things being frozen under it’s harsh conditions, this sometimes includes bodies. Many of the bodies buried here were put there by people who were diseased with ancient sicknesses, that didn’t want it to spread. These diseases may be making a comeback as more, and more bodies are being discovered, who were suffering from the disease. Due to the cold climate it keeps the bodies in good condition, and even sometimes maintaining the disease.

A body was found in a river that thawed in Siberia, and it was taken to a nearby quarantined hospital. Luckily researchers took the proper precautions so the disease, smallpox, couldn’t spread. Many people near the area of Siberia have a fear of the once deadly disease known as smallpox making a return. This goes to show how many bodies were buried in Siberia due to the disease. We can hope that no more bodies will have to be buried there due to this deadly disease.

10. Giant Disturbing Frozen Craters


A crater under Siberia, is also known as the end of the world, and is one of the world’s largest craters. Oil workers who were flying over the Siberia were the first ones to notice the giant hole in the ground, and immediately reported their findings. Scientists were unable to pinpoint just how deep the crater is, and nobody really wants to find out. It’s said the crater’s diameter reaches over 200 feet across.

Many theories have spawned since it’s finding, about how a crater this huge could be present on Earth, and how it originated. Some people thing it was an explosion, and in that same vein others think it was the work of a meteorite. Russian scientists have reported finding high levels of Methane in the surrounding area. It contains around ten times the amount of Methane than of a regular area.

9. Alien Markings in the Ice


Two friends that were walking along a frozen over lake made a strange discovery when they came across this strange formation in the middle of the frozen lake. This strange mass was found in Utah, and it appeared to be frozen into the lake. Small holes can be seen poking out from the ice, with a strange formation lying underneath. The two speculated that this was something that aliens left when they visited Earth. Others speculate it to be a landing spot of a UFO.

Many people think it’s eggs of some other world. The two explain the texture of the supposed eggs, as being slimy. The two didn’t take anything with them, so any research that could have been done by running them through tests are out the window. Many more skeptical people claim it’s a coffee spill, salt that was used for ice fishing, and some even stating it’s a natural ice formation. Whatever it is, it gives a creepy vibe to anyone brave enough to approach it.

8. One of the Deadliest Viruses Found In A Block of Ice


Global warming is a phenomena, discussed earlier, that causes ice caps to melt. This melting of the ice caps is doing more dangers than we are even aware of. While the overall knowledge that global warming is negative, the effects are much more drastic. The melting of this ice is revealing new viruses that were frozen in time. Only a few years ago a few hundred feet under the tundra of the Siberia, a deadly virus was discovered, and it was still active.

The virus is said to be over 30,000 years old, so there is no known cure for this. The virus was nicknamed the Pathos virus, due to it’s elongated size when examined. The virus is said to be the largest virus on Earth. However, not to fret the disease won’t effect humans, but only that of amoebas. While this isn’t a direct concern, this certainly doesn’t disprove that there could be larger viruses, that are deadly to humans, waiting to be freed from their ice chambers.

7. Unknown Creatures Frozen In Time


Strange creatures are found throughout the treacherous lands of Siberia. Many of these creatures are deceased, and frozen in huge blocks of ice. Some of these discoveries show creatures that have never been discovered, or that were assumed extinct. A species of dog was discovered a few years ago, and researchers say that the species dates back to ten centuries ago.

Due to the cold conditions the creatures were preserved well, and are hypothesized to be one of the first breeds of dogs to be domesticated. The research done on this species shows early examples of domesticating wolves, and slowly evolving them into the cute house pets we know today. Who knows what other descendants of other species are buried somewhere in the Siberia, just waiting to be discovered…

6. A Mammoth of a Discovery


Lyuba is the name given to this baby mammoth, and it was known to be a kind, and gentle mammoth when it was alive. It’s said that Lyuba roamed the earth over 48,000 years ago. It’s body was discovered in 2007, and it was a complete accident. The intact remains of the mammoth were found by a reindeer hunter, when they were out on a frozen peninsula in Russia. Upon finding the remains the hunter knew it was a phenomenal find, and decided to seek help from a friend.

The hunter’s friend suggested contacting a museum director, for further investigation into the remains. The hunter lead the experts back to where he found the body, but upon arriving there Lyuba’s body had vanished. It was later learned that the cousin of the hunter decided to sell the remains to make a profit. Experts located the person the hunter’s cousin sold it to, and found the remains still as well preserved as the hunter had found them. The mammoth’s skin, trunk, and even eyes were still fully in tact. The discovery was incredible, and is now visible to the public in a museum near where they found the remains.

5. The Legend of Green Boots


Many people attempt the daring act of climbing Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, as a life goal, or for some other thrill seeking reason. This is no easy task, and if someone isn’t skilled enough, they could end up perishing on the mountain side. It’s calculated that over 240 bodies are scattered across the mountains surface, and a portion of the mountain was nicknamed rainbow valley, due to the amount of colorful gear from the fallen climbers.

A certain climber that have left many Everest enthusiasts scratching their heads. A perished climber only by the name of green boots was once seen hunched under a rock where they died. The climber was wearing green boots, and it’s said he stayed there for months, until one day his body was removed by someone, or something… It’s unknown what happened to green boots, however many say that he was simply removed for proper burial.

4. Frozen Bone Pits from Hell


A lake near the Himalayas seems to be innocent enough, that is until warmer months melt the ice away to reveal something out of a horror movie. Piles of human bones were discovered near the Himalayas in 1942, by a forest guard. The guard came across the now thawed lake, and it revealed the thousands of human bones kept buried in the lake during the winter months.

Many speculated the remains to belong to the deceased remains of Japanese soldiers during WWII. However, it was discovered the remains dated back much earlier than WWII. These remains dated back to 850 AD, and the cause of death was revealed by examining the skulls which had small pieces of hail lodged in them. A urban legend in the surrounding area says that the men were celebrating, and their celebration disturbed a deity, which then sent hail down on the men ending their celebration, and their lives…

3. The Iceman’s Curse


A mummy was discovered, and named Otzi the Iceman. He was discovered frozen in 1991 in the Otzil Alps. It’s said that the man is as old as 3000 BC. Two tourists discovered the body, and contacted authorities. After beginning excavation of the body, researchers quickly realized they’d made a grave mistake. 13 years following the removal of the body, seven of the people who helped unearth him passed away.

It’s said that four of the deaths ended in extreme violence, and the others passed naturally. It’s said that Otzi the iceman, was killed violently, after being speared in the head with an arrow, and to add insult to injury, he was bashed in the head several times with a rock. Many theories have suggested that the Iceman wanted to avenge himself by cursing those who removed him from his icy grave. While the deaths are coincidental there isn’t any evidence that links Otzi’s curse to them.

2. Prehistoric Discovery of the Wooly Rhino


When you think of rhinos you don’t typically think of them with hair, however when the small baby rhino named Sasha was discovered in Siberia, it had scientists scratching their heads. The preserved prehistoric creature was found by hunters traveling the Siberia in 2014. Originally the hunters thought the carcass was that of a dead reindeer, but when approaching it they could tell that it resembled a rhino.

They decided to relocate the body of the rhino, and stored it away until the season changed. They then relocated the body to the Academy of Sciences. Sasha is one of the only wooly rhinos to be discovered, and in this good of shape. While not all of Sasha was present, due to what can be assumed was predators, the amount that was provided scientists with immense insight into the creature’s history.

1. Ancient Species of Plants Unearthed in Ice


Siberia is known as one of the coldest places on Earth. Scientists have recently uncovered several plant species never known to man, in the depths of the permafrost. It was discovered in 2012 that a squirrel burrowed a plant known as, plasticine. What the squirrel didn’t know is that the ice age was among him, and the rest of the planet, and he’d be down there for way longer than he imagined.

The depths at which the squirrel burrowed these plants were enough to act as a freezer preserving these undiscovered plants for decades to come. The discoveries made by uprooting these plants from their frozen tundras, can help scientists discover evolutionary chains connected to the plants we know today. It can also help in discovering other unknown plants that existed before the ice age hit.

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