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15 Of The Strangest Things Found In People’s Backyards

15 Of The Strangest Things Found In People’s Backyards

Nobody would think they’re property holds anything but it’s house above it, but when you explore underneath, that’s where things become mysterious. Many people are unaware that they’re house is sitting on many of the world’s strange discoveries, that have yet to be found. Many of these things are found by accident, people digging ditches, to make room for an in ground pool, or people simply renovating their backyard. Whatever the case, they got more than just a simple renovation, or pool…

These strange objects found in these backyards date back to way before there was a residence there. This is how many people uncover the mysteries of the past. It could be fossils of strange creatures never known about, or somebody’s buried treasure. With new housing being built all over the world daily, most of these strange mysteries will go unsolved. That is until someone mistakenly digs them up.

We wouldn’t recommend immediately digging up your backyard after reading this, because the chances are low that there could be something there. However, if you’re planning to do renovations in your backyard, always be prepared to find something a little more than you bargained for.

15. Ancient Bells


One afternoon a man in the Czech Republic decided to renovate his plumbing system. As he was excavating his backyard he stuck something solid, which appeared to be metal. The man knew the objects were huge, and heavy, but had no idea what they actually were until he fully uncovered them. The man uncovered two huge church bells, and the question on everyone’s mind was how did they get there?

It turns out that the bells were stolen from the local church, and the thief decided to bury them on this plot of land, with no clear motive. The thief could have buried them there to hid them from authorities, and come back one day to try and sale them to a museum. Perhaps he was simply tired of hearing them ring every hour. This mystery is still unknown…

14. Ancient Burial Ground


A small boy in Utah was digging to build a pond in his backyard, when he came across a gruesome discovery. It took two weeks of digging before he uncovered what he thought was an animal bone. In an interview with local reporters the young boy was saying that once he ran across a human skull, it’s then he became worried. He said that there was most likely a whole graveyard around his yard, and adjacent ones, after finding even more remnants.

It turned out after researchers studied the bones, that they found they belonged to a man who passed away over ten centuries ago. The researchers are using the findings to pinpoint the possible tribe, culture, and gender of the bones discovered. It’s unknown if the boy found anymore hidden bones in the hole, but we’re sure he stopped digging after finding what he had.

13. Cursed Money Bag


Most people have dreams of stumbling across a large bag of cash one day, but be careful what you wish for. A unemployed man was picking crops from his backyard garden, and soon his money troubles quickly disappeared, or so he thought. He did the right thing though, and turned it into authorities. The waiting period for the pick up of the cash was a year, and he’d have to wait that long for someone to claim it before it was his.

The man’s neighbor soon spoke up, and attempted to claim the cash. The elderly neighbor spoke about getting rid of the money, saying it had a horrible curse. It’s worth noting she had dementia. The courts decided to split the money from the man, and the elderly woman’s daughter. However, the man passed away shortly before retrieving the money. Days later the man’s father also passed from a heart attack. Many connect these deaths to the curse the elderly woman spoke of…

12. Old School Fallout Shelter


A couple bought an old home in California, when they discovered something enormous lying underneath their newly owned property. Given that the home was old, the couple was prepared to find older relics of the past, but they never thought they’d uncover a well preserved fallout bunker. It’s said that an engineer installed the bunker during the 60’s when the cold war made many people paranoid of nuclear disaster.

Many people living during that time feared for the worst, and the worst being a nuclear war on the verge. The engineer’s daughter publicly spoke of the bunker, after it’s discovery, and told reporters that the bunker was dug fifteen feet underground, and it would be used to protect their family from radiation.  The bunker was stocked full of old supplies, and food.

11. New Orleans Graveyard


A New Orleans man decided to begin installing a in ground pool one day, when he found something strange after digging for the foundation of the pool. The man uncovered fifteen caskets, and he said they dated back to over 300 years ago. It’s said that the man’s property was built over the St. Peter cemetery, a graveyard that was popular for stacking graves atop one another.

When the man bought the property, he stated knowing that the property held historic value, but had no idea it was this historic. The owner spoke with an archeologist, and he speculated that due to overcrowding in the graveyard, it caused it to shut down, and later be sold. The property owner stated that the incident fit well with New Orleans culture.

10. Strange Mastodon Fossils


A contractor in Michigan was hired to dig in his neighbors yard. The man was digging with an excavator, and uncovered something strange. He discovered a giant bone, and it was later found out it was a rib bone. It was obvious right away that the bone belonged to a large ancient creature. The whole skeleton reached to four feet, and once cleaned up, looked very prehistoric.

When first cleaning the bones up for a better look, the man believed them to belong to a dinosaur, and given the size, we can’t blame him. A total of forty two bones were uncovered, in the length of four days. The home owner, decided to contact an expert to pinpoint what the bones belonged to. The Mastodon dates back to the ice age, and are a species similar to a wholly mammoth, or elephant.

9. Crocodile in the Pool


If you own an in ground pool, after reading this, you may begin to check it for creatures such as this one nightly. A family in Florida found this large gator relaxing at the bottom of their pool, as they were turning out the backyard lights one night. The alligator was said to be seven feet in length, and somehow moseyed it’s way into their pool. The family reported it to the sheriff’s office immediately.

This family was lucky they took a look inside their pool before swimming the next day. A trapper was called by the sheriff, and he relocated the alligator somewhere more fitting. The video filmed shows that the gator did not want to leave the pool. It can be seen thrashing violently, fighting the trapper. There are many cases like this happening in Florida, and other parts of the world.

8. A Villa Straight Out of Rome


A man was digging in his backyard when he stumbled across an old villa that was built in the Roman times. It dated back to about fourteen hundred years ago. The villa was found in the man’s garden in England. The architecture uncovered was breathtaking, and it was quite clear almost immediately that this didn’t belong to any average citizen, but one of an emperor.

The man was simply trying to relay power lines, when he discovered the beautiful mosaic tiles, that would soon uncover a whole villa. The man snapped some pictures, and sent them over to the town council, who then sent over archeologist experts to examine the find. Upon further investigation the archeologists claimed that the tile discovered was that of a floor to an emperor’s abode. They dug for eight days, and finally uncovered the full thing in it’s spectacular beauty.

7. Mysterious Whale Bones


California is known for having some of the strangest discoveries when it comes to excavation. The LA search and rescue team uncovered what appeared to be a large rock, but upon further investigation they found that the rock wasn’t a rock, but was bones that belonged to a whale. The fossil is said to date back over fifteen million years ago. It’s said that the area where it was found used to be the sea floor, but has since risen to be habitable land.

The fossil weighed over a ton, and was discovered to belong to a baleen whale. This find was extremely rare as there are only about 20 other baleen fossils in existence today. The fossil was lifted with heavy machinery, and it was rightfully relocated to a museum. Another part of the fossil was founded by someone who uncovered it in their backyard, and he also sent the remnants to the same museum in which the larger fossil was founded.

6. Rags To Riches

Via: Youtube

Many people who use metal detectors dream of finding a real treasure chest, with real gold in it, and that’s exactly what happened with this couple in Northern California. One day while walking their dog, they stumbled across 10 million in gold coins hidden away in their backyard. The riches weren’t even technically buried, and were simply covered by the shadow of a nearby tree.

All 1400 coins found were said to be very rare, and they were all found in near mint condition. The coins are said to date back to the 1840’s. It’s claimed by experts that the coins were never put into circulation, and that the owner of these riches must’ve hidden them immediately upon production. The whole lot is said to be worth ten million dollars, but some experts suggest that one coin could be worth upwards of one million, by itself!

5. Huge Ancient Burial Stone


A historian discovered a large burial stone that is said to date back to 2000 BC. The historian, and a friend had the intentions of finding a stone that was lost for over 300 years. The two did their research, and uncovered several documents dating back centuries, to pinpoint the location of the stone. The documents which date back even further than the stone, state that it was located on the historian’s land.

It wasn’t until the late 80’s where the historian started to research his land, and find out that he had a large ancient stone somewhere on his property. They believed the stone was to be found in pieces, saying that nothing could withstand the test of that much time. When they discovered it, it was full, and covered in moss. Little did he know it was sitting right in his backyard the whole time…

4. Strange Glowing Gem


Two young sisters were digging for worms in their backyard one day, when they discovered a strange luminescent stone, which they couldn’t identify right away. The stone looked unworldly, and had a blue tint to it. Thoughts of what it could be raced through the sister’s heads, could it be a meteorite, a strange magical stone? The sisters concluded that it had to be a meteorite.

To be sure, they took the stone to a mineral analyst in the local area. However, they couldn’t even figure it out, and it was then sent to the local University for further study. After running extensive research the results were disappointing to say the least. It was discovered the object was simply leftover glass, that was often used as a lawn ornament.

3. Giant Armadillo Fossil


A man taking a late night walk in Argentina, discovered a large fossil, that resembled an armadillo shell. It was much to large to be that of an armadillo however, and more represented a fossil of a Glyptodont. A Glyptodont is an ancient relative of the armadillo, and mostly inhabited parts of South America. It’s said they lived over ten million years ago.

They only became extinct around a thousand years ago, and many fossils have been found in the area. The fossil was uncovered in the backyard of a farm in South America. The owner found the shell in a riverbank on his property. Many people in the community began speculating it was fake, and we can’t blame them because the object looks unworldly. Researchers confirmed the fossil was real.

2. Tunnels to the Great Pyramids


This discovery was found in Egypt, where a man supposedly uncovered a secret passage that led to an ancient pyramid. The resident was simply digging, for unknown reasons when he stumbled across the opening in the ground. The passage way was said to lead to the oldest pyramid in Egypt. The man began to dig more, and ended up thirty three feet in the ground.

It’s said that the tunnel’s walls were made out of stone. The man immediately informed local archeologists, out of fear of breaking the law by entering the pyramids. Archeologists soon gathered around the deep hole, and confirmed that the tunnel did indeed lead to the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It’s said the passageway was a myth for many years, but no longer…

1. The Dream Car


The last thing you’d think to do when you own a Ferrari is to bury it, but that’s exactly what this owner did. In the 70’s in LA a classic looking Ferrari was pulled from someone’s backyard. Burying your prized possessions, specifically your car, seemed to be a popular trend back in the day. A woman, the original owner of the car, was found sitting in the driver seat of the car when it was unburied.

This isn’t a murder gone strange, but simply a very mysterious last request. She requested to be buried next to her late husband, and to be buried inside her car to deter thieves from taking her most prized possession, and the only thing she had when her husband passed. There have been many other cases of this happening, specifically in LA.

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