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15 Things Almost All Women Do After A Breakup

15 Things Almost All Women Do After A Breakup

Relationships can be a great thing. There are many ups and downs, but at the end of the day relationships make us feel great. The ability to share your life with someone else is very magical. Until disaster strikes. A breakup can be hard on both parties, no matter who broke it off, or who is taking it worse. There are typically a set of things that women will do after a breakup has occurred. These things can make them feel better about themselves, distract them from their true feelings, or just help them move on. Guys do this to, but that’s a whole other topic.

These methods of course, can’t work for everyone, because everyone is different. Everyone deals with these types of tragedies differently. However, among many women there have been trends regarding the types of things they do after their relationship has ended. In some aspects it’s important to look at these things women do in order to help you out in the future if you’re ever in a breakup. Nobody said these things didn’t work after all.

15. Selfies for Days


After a breakup, women feel the need to show off, the need to show everyone how well they’re dealing with the breakup. This in turn makes them take a lot of selfies, many more than they’re used to. These selfies are usually taken while they’re out and with their friends. They include smiles, drinks, and laughs. If you’re still following your ex, these selfies could find their way to you and have one of two effects on you.

You could feel happy for your ex if she is doing well after the breakup (which means you’re also doing well) or it destroys you to see how happy they are. Then you feel this unwarranted guilt that you were holding her back from this happiness.

These selfies are often just cover ups for her true feelings. Someone could seem very happy, but in reality be miserable. This is called a mask.

14. Become Mean Spirited

Via: CNN

Sometimes an ex can find solace in being mean. This is especially the case if the breakup ended badly. Late night texts, social media posts, passive aggressive comments, it’s all there. These comments can make her feel much better about the breakup. She’s trying to teach herself to hate you.

There are of course better ways to go about this. If you don’t want to come off as mean, you can try to simply ignore him until you either forget you loved him, or you remember hating him. This way it can save a lot of grief on the receiving end. It all depends on the type of relationship, and how bad the breakup was, but this shouldn’t be the first thing people turn to.

13. Traveling the world

Via: Contiki

A change of scenery can be nice for someone after a breakup. Often times, people will associate their significant other with their environment, and other things around them. This can make it hard to be around those things, and even live every day life. Typically traveling is someone’s first big decision after a breakup. Her life has already changed dramatically after the breakup, so why not change it more?

This is one of the most effective, and positive things you can do after a breakup. It shows that you’re wanting to move on, and change the way you feel. Even if it’s just for a few weeks, or even a few days, it can make a real difference when dealing with a tough breakup.

12. Friends Again

via: thenypost

Not knowing where to go with each other after a breakup can potentially blossom into a friendship. This is often the case for couples who were good friends for a while before they started dating. The question will usually be brought up shortly after or during the breakup. If the couple was strong enough it can work out, if both parties are okay with it.

However, this  can also turn bad. It can turn into friends with benefits, which is bad for an ex-couple. There are still feelings in the air in such a friends with benefits situation, and often times one or both parties can fall for each other again. This can be bad for a relationship that just wasn’t meant to be.

11. Delete Him From Her Life

Via: Ex Boyfriend Recovery

Almost instantly after a breakup, women will go through their phone’s picture library, social media, and any other device to delete pictures. This has to be one of the first steps in moving on after a breakup. Deleting any remnants of that person in your life can make it easier to move on.

This can also be a difficult task if you took a lot of pictures with your significant other. It’s an emotional process, which is why it is critical to do as soon as possible. Along those lines, she will most likely change her profile picture (especially if it included her significant other) and she’ll change other information on her profile, like her relationship status.

10. Relationship Status

Via: Twitter

The relationship status, to many, is a social status, and it means a lot. This will most likely instantly be changed to single, or if she’s petty “it’s complicated”. Either way, it lets the world know she dumped her boyfriend/girlfriend and is ready to start mingling again. With this change, she will get many posts to her wall telling her how strong she is, and others asking if she’s okay.

The social media status can be a big thing in a breakup, especially if the relationship was all over social media. If this is the case, it’s important to break up with the person on social media as well.

9. Start To Diet

Via: Imgur

After a breakup, she could change her diet. For worse, or for the better. The stereotype of women eating ice cream, and chocolate can sometimes be true. However, some women take the opportunity to eat better and in turn try and look better.

This goes hand in hand with many relationships ending in a physically unhealthy state. Often times, a relationship can cause two people to forget about their health, and get lost in food. A breakup can be the perfect wake up call that will reintroduce a healthy lifestyle back into your life. It can also be a good call to eat some things to treat yourself, as long as it doesn’t get carried away.

8. Talking Crap is cathartic

Via: Youtube

A woman will indeed begin to talk crap almost immediately about you her friends or you. This is a psychological tactic to help her start hating you. All of her significant other’s flaws will come out, and all of the good things will be swept under the rug. It’s like a pros and cons list, without the pros.

If she talks crap to your face, then chances are the breakup ended badly. No matter what, she will most likely talk badly about you behind your back to her friends, and they’ll most likely agree. Friends are supposed to be there for each other after all. The things she says about you can be anything from how you acted, to how you looked. A lot of the time, these can be very personal things too.

7. Listening to the Classics

Via: Getmusic Asia

Going back to old music can be a great way to forget someone or move on, especially if she listened to that music before she was in a relationship with you. She’ll also begin to listen to her favorite breakup playlist, she made back in middle school. This will most likely go on for a while, before she realizes her emotions have made her listen to teen pop garbage.

This will happen because she feels like she is living through the lyrics of the song. She will most likely post song lyrics on her social media that really resonate with her. This can come off as passive aggressive, especially if you still follow her. The best way to avoid seeing it is to unfollow and/or block her from your timeline, because those lyrics won’t stop anytime soon.

6. Hanging out with Friends


A good way to deal with a breakup is to spend time with people who care about you. The worst thing you can do is mope around and be alone. Often times, women will hang out with friends or just call her friends. Friends are always there for each other, and that can’t be truer that during a breakup. Everyone has experienced a really bad breakup, so it hits home for most people. Therefore, you can see who actually cares for you during those hard times.

Replacing activities you did with your ex, and doing them with your friends can be a good method of moving on as well. She’ll most likely associate a lot of things with her ex, such as going to the movies or going out to eat. Having ladies nights will surely fix this for her.

5. Going Out

Via: Huffington Post

Going out and partying is one of the ways many women get over a breakup. It’s their first chance as a free woman to do whatever they want with no strings attached. This often leads to bad decisions at bars or clubs. It’s often suggested by her friends that she needs to go out and get wild.

Depending on how the night goes, she could end up drunk texting her ex, which could end badly. However if her friends stick with her, this is unlikely to happen. Going out and partying can be a blessing and a curse. If done right, it can help her move on with her life, and get back out into the world, however if done wrong it could complicate things and make her feel really badly about herself afterwards.

4. Out of my Life


Pettiness is a curse that lives in most of us. If she is petty and you left anything of yours at her house, you can expect to never see that stuff again. She’ll most likely either toss it in the garbage, or send it to one of your friends. These things of yours will reminds her too much of you, so it will most likely be thrown out as soon as possible.

However, if she isn’t petty or the breakup wasn’t very severe, she’ll most likely send you your stuff or let you pick it up. This can often be the final thing in a relationship, and can be awkward or sad. To avoid this, it’d be best to just send everything via mail.

3. Binge-worthy


Watching all of the shows her significant other said he didn’t feel like watching can be great post breakup. Catching up on all of her favorite shows, while kicking back on the couch in a blanket sounds like a great night for anyone, especially for someone who just broke up.

Netflix and other streaming services are a great way to sit and watch something for hours upon hours. This can be a great way to distract yourself if you’re feeling down about a breakup. There are a lot of comedies, if you’re in the mood to laugh, or sad movies, if you need to get all of your tears out. Either way, binging your favorite shows, or even watching a movie is a great way to distract yourself.

2. Moving Day


This only occurs when the couple was living together. The sooner one of the parties moves out, the better. This can be hard for someone if the breakup was sudden, and they’re more or less being kicked out on the street. However, most relationships don’t end that badly, and she’ll give you some time to gather your stuff and leave.

If she’s the one who is moving out, it can be a nice gesture to help her gather her stuff, however depending on how bad the breakup was, this isn’t always the answer. The sooner you get your ex’s things out of your house or apartment, the sooner you can start to move on with your life.

1. Treating Herself


After a breakup, it’s a woman’s number one priority to make sure she’s treating herself right. This can mean anything from eating better, to going to get a massage. She’ll try anything and everything to make herself feel better and move on from the breakup.

This can be a good way of moving on, since a breakup can be hard on someone. Making sure to treat yourself, and that you’re okay should always be the most important thing for you after a breakup. This is especially true since you’ll most likely be by yourself for most of the time, therefore spend that time treating yourself. There are a variety of ways to treat yourself, that obviously come with limits. Try new foods, new activities and splurge on yourself.

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