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15 Unsolved Mysteries People Still Don’t Understand

15 Unsolved Mysteries People Still Don’t Understand

The world has many mysteries plaguing it. Many are able to be solved, but there are a majority that have never been solved, and probably never will. These mysteries can range from anything like murders to a missing person. Many ghost and UFO sightings have remained unexplainable. There are always skeptics who try to disprove people’s stories, but that gets harder to do when there is video evidence. Sometimes video evidence isn’t enough to solve a mystery.

However, the mysteries that have already occurred will continue to be mysteries. Whether it being old technology, or the occurrence is purely unexplainable, we may never get answers to these dire questions.

These mysteries bring out the skeptic in all of us, but it’s also fun to believe in these strange things. Humans are afraid of what they don’t know; that’s why they try to rationalize things with explanations they can understand. However, it’s fun to take these mysteries at face value, and discover something new through them. Who knows what might turn up in the coming years…

15. Paris Catacomb Found Footage


The Paris Catacombs are known to be creepy in atmosphere, purely based on the walls lining with human remains. However, looking past the morbid architecture, the catacombs are in themselves creepy. They’re dark, long, and don’t really lead anywhere. With this in mind, often times thrill seekers will take to the catacombs and even film their adventures.

An unknown man did just this, and his footage was uploaded to Youtube some time after. The man is seen walking through the catacombs, and it seems to be dark. He runs into walls with strange paintings on them, and explains that he’s feeling uneasy, as if something is watching him. He continues through the catacombs feeling more anxious now. A few minutes later he’s sprinting, you can hear his heavy breaths as he loses his way out. Soon the camera falls into a puddle of water, and viewers can hear the man trot away. Little is known about what happened to the man, besides the video camera retrieved by other people in the catacombs.

14. Strange Lights


Since 1957, there were several cases of unexplainable lights all across the world. Some of these lights date back to the 1800s even. The lights take different forms, and different colors ranging from white to blue and red. The lights have strange movement patterns, and are inconsistent. Sometimes the lights move erratically while other times they move slowly.

Skeptics believe the lights to be ball lightning, a common occurrence in the places the lights have been spotted. Other more absurd explanations consider the lights to be spirits or even aliens. The towns they’re seen in has become a tourist attraction, so much so that the town built a viewing station for the lights. The lights still have no official explanation, and they can be creepy to the unsuspecting person.

13. First Bigfoot Sighting


It’s strange how the first ever Bigfoot sighting was the most convincing. A single video filmed completely proved the existence of a creature nobody knew about previously. The video was taken by two explorers in 1967 in the northern regions of California. Since it’s 1967, and technology isn’t that advanced, we get a low quality video of what they claim to be Bigfoot.

The monster walks across the screen, and turns to look at the two men. The huge animal is waving its arms showing how massive the creature actually is. Both men are enthralled with the beast but are too afraid to chase after it. Many people have attempted to debunk the mystery, and even recreate it. All have failed, which gives this mystery a higher chance of being true. The story behind it and it being one of the first video taped sightings of Bigfoot still confuse skeptics to this day.

12. Ghost Brick


The popular show Ghost Adventures is a show where a team of paranormal investigators go out to different locations that are said to be haunted, and conduct an investigation. While most of their evidence they gather on the show can be chocked up to coincidence or some other common explanation, one of their first episodes was unexplainable.

There was a room that the hunters were going into and they were of course filming. Upon entering the doorway, a brick was thrown at an awkward angle, and almost hit the men. This event was caught on camera from a decent point of view. You can see the brick was picked up off the ground, and almost thrown upward. The angle the brick is thrown makes it hard for the footage to be anything but paranormal. They’ve had the video looked at by several experts who have come to no logical conclusion.

11. Eastern State Penitentiary Ghost


The Eastern State Penitentiary is a place of evil. Obviously since it housed many evil men, the spirits of these men would be evil. The first real proof that was caught on tape was done by another popular ghost show: Ghost Hunters. The team went to the penitentiary with the mindset of disproving the haunting rumors. Almost immediately, the team began to see shadows, and one that even spooked two team members to run out of the building.

Later on, a camera they set up covering one of the cell blocks picked up something unexplainable. A shadowy figure runs up to the camera then suddenly, as if it realizes it’s being filmed, dashes back into the darkness. It’s hard to make out any features, however a foot can be seen as the spirit makes a dash backwards. This footage is still held high as proof that ghosts exist, and many people have tried to disprove it with no luck.

10. Walt Disney’s Ghost


Disneyland is a place of magic, in honor of a man who made magic. However, one security camera in the park says otherwise. The creator of some the most famous cartoons in the world passed away a little after the first Disneyland opened. Therefore, he didn’t get to see the final product of something he’d been working on for years. Walt Disney had a heavy hand in the making of Disneyland, and didn’t even get to enjoy it.

At least he didn’t get to enjoy it while he was alive. Security footage in the park picked up an apparition walking through the park. Not one but upwards of 5 cameras picked up this spirit. Many believe it’s Walt Disney’s spirit walking through the park enjoying his creation in the afterlife. Obviously the park was closed, so no one else was present, and the way the spirit walked seemed to match Walt Disney.

9. Possible UFO Sighting


Over a dome in Jerusalem, something strange was spotted from several different angles flying above the dome. The light was bright and had a strange movement pattern. When the footage was uploaded to the Internet, it shocked people and was believed to be solid proof of the existence of UFOs.

Since the video was uploaded, an expert in UFOs has claimed the video was a hoax, and that it was made with special effects. It seems strange as the video was captured from several different angles, and that is what keeps people believing that this could be evidence of UFOs. The strange pattern of the light moving straight down at high speeds also seems unnatural for any other aircraft. People say it would be more credible if there were more witnesses besides the people filming…

8. Ghost Car


We often hear about spirits possessing people, or other living objects, however this footage tells us otherwise. A police dashboard showed a video of a high speed car chase. The police were catching up to the car, and it looked like they were closing in on the car, but when the car reached a dead end, it warped through it. The car swerved into a metal fence, and phased through it. The fence caused the police to swerve to a stop in disbelief.

The ghost car got away, and the footage still baffles law enforcement, and paranormal experts. Skeptics say that the car slid under the fence. Since it was in a ditch, there was a deep enough hole for the car to slip under. Other theories suggest the car drove over the fence, and the fence fixed itself before the police drove up to it. Both of these theories, while sound, have flaws as the fence wasn’t moving as if it’d just been brushed by a car.

7. Max Headroom TV Takeover


During a football game in 1987, TV experienced one of the strangest hijackings it ever saw. The interruption lasted a few minutes before being returned to a confused sports commentator. Later that same evening, the hijacking took place again during a re-run of Dr. Who. The man was dressed as Max Headroom, a TV personality at the time, and had a message to some political degree saying at one point “freaking liberal”. The eeriness of the takeover was shrouded by the scary laughing and moaning the man was doing in between words.

The strangest part is the culprits still haven’t been found. It’s become one of the strangest cases of TV hijacking, as it’s typically easy to trace a hijacking back to the source, even back in the ’80s. The message of the takeover surely would’ve scared anybody catching a late night rerun of Dr. Who, or families enjoying a nice football game.

6. Hampton Court Ghost


The Hampton Court is a popular tourist attraction in London, but it is also one of the most haunted places in London. A CCTV camera overlooked double doors, and one night it caught something terrifying. The doors swung open to reveal a cloaked figure pulling the doors back shut. The face of the figure has been described as being a skull.

A few days later, the doors swung open again, but the figure didn’t reappear to close them. Skeptics believe that the figure was someone dressed in a costume, as the figure, and its features are easily identifiable. This is usually not the case, especially for low quality CCTV cameras. There have been no explanations that have come out of the Hampton Court, so the identity of the cloaked figure is still a mystery.

5. Missing Persons


A man named Lars Matank was traveling to Bulgaria, and while he was there, he had issues with locals about a football game. This led into a bar fight, and Lars was punched severely in the head. He sought out medical attention after having multiple headaches. Doctors explained he had received a ruptured ear drum from the punch. Due to plane cabin pressure in planes, doctors recommended he stayed in Bulgaria a few more days.

He got a hotel that was near the airport, and kept in contact with his mother. However, he started to explain to his mother he was experiencing extreme paranoia, saying he didn’t feel safe. Lars was caught walking through the airport, going home, and can be seen walking straight to the medical bay. About a half hour later cameras picked up Lars sprinting out of the airport without his bags. Lars hasn’t been seen since, and that was the last time anyone spotted him…

4. Spiral Lights


Earth has a tendency to have a lot of strange lights. However, this strange light pattern in Normandy wasn’t like anything anyone has seen before. Many eyewitnesses say they woke up one morning to a strange light that could only be described as being a spiral. The light was captured from different angles, but one angle shows the light forming, and it looks as if it’s a snake curling up in the sky.

The light would start out as a bright spiral, but then transforms into a cone with a dark circle at the end of the cone. The lights were seen by thousands, and it made the news worldwide. Many people saw these lights as extra terrestrial life trying to peacefully communicate. Others believe it was a testing for a new weapon their government was trying out. There has been no official explanation regarding what caused the lights.

3. Strange Two Legged Monster


In Fresno, CCTV cameras picked up strange creatures. The creatures resembles small stick-like figures covered in white gowns. The figures only have a head and two legs, no other appendages, and they seem to be short. They were spotted walking through a national park in an open field. The creatures have gained the nickname “nightcrawler”.

Skeptics believe the reason the skin of the nightcrawler is cloth-like is because it’s a simple hoax someone is playing. Others believe them to be aliens scouting Earth, and that is why they’ve only been captured twice, and only on CCTV cameras. Some people believe the creature to be a new species we have yet to discover, however this is most likely not the case due to the rare times we’ve seen them.

2. The Battle of LA


In 1942, UFO enthusiasts would have the best case of evidence they could dream of. The US military spotted objects flying over L.A. that were unidentifiable. The US believed it to be Japanese attackers, and began firing at the aircrafts. Throughout the night a total of over a thousand ammunition shells were fired upward at the targets. That morning the military declared it to be all clear.

The attack on Pearl Harbor happened a few months before this occurrence, making this most likely an effect of war anxiety. With that in mind, it’s no wonder the US attacked anything unidentifiable flying above L.A. Some believe it was an unlucky weather balloon, while the more popular theory is that it was UFOs. Footage was taken of the event, and it’s held in high regard for UFO enthusiasts, and remains a mystery to many to this day.

1. Strange Noises


All over the world people have heard strange noises coming from the skies above. These noises have been unexplainable, and have an unknown source. The sound is a low bellowing noise, and at some points it can sound like a huge monster growling. The echo and pitch also suggest that the thing producing the noises is huge.

Many people believe that these noises are home to some undiscovered creature living on Earth, all the way to government testing on mutants, or alien species. Whatever the case may be, the noises keep people awake at night and make them worry during the day. Whatever is making the noises sounds distressed, and we can hope it will never show itself.

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