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10 Seriously Brilliant Inventions That Will Change Your Life

Whether it’s a self-driving car, or a machine that will deliver you anything you want at the tap of the button, the world’s innovators have come a long way! But, what are some products you can buy now that will totally change the way you live? From controlling your favorite streaming site with your mind, to a self-cleaning hairbrush, these are 10 seriously brilliant inventions that will change your life!

Spending the day in bed watching Netflix is what many people will consider a day well spent. The Netflix engineers want to make the experience even easier for their users by introducing Mindflix. Mindflix is a band you wear around you head that tracks brain waves, which help you navigate Netflix. This means you can control Netflix with your mind! Not only would you not have to put on, you don’t even have to get out from under the covers, because Mindflix will do all the work!

You may be someone who would love to be able to cook yourself a homemade meal. But sadly, you have no idea what you are doing in the kitchen. Thankfully, there is a solution for your problem, the smart frying pan! The smart frying pan connects through an app on your phone. The app tells you temperature settings, when to flip your food, and when to add ingredients. It even has an autopilot feature that controls the temperature its self, all you need to do is work the spatula!

Living in a warm climate may mean having year round sunshine, but you may have to deal with pesky mosquitoes. There haven’t been many options to get rid of mosquitos outside of smelly sprays, and dinky candles. But now, you can prevent mosquito bites and the potentially deadly diseases they carry by wearing a Kite Patch! The easy to wear patch helps to disrupt the carbon monoxide neurons of mosquitos, which makes you and your blood harder for the mosquitos to find.

How many times have you been out around town and your phone starts to die? Probably more times than you would like. The problem is, regular portable chargers are pretty clunky, and you have to remember the charging cable. You might want to consider these disposable phone chargers instead! The little cardboard chargers are like a boost for your dying phone! They come with charges good for 2 to 6 hours of phone time, and they are even biodegradable!

Have you ever been typing on your computer’s keyboard and noticed that it is actually pretty disgusting? Drops of food, dust, you name it, keyboards can get pretty messy. But, how are you supposed to clean this mess without affecting your computer’s hardware? Look no further than cleaning slime! The sticky slime is perfect for hard to reach places and safe for your electronics! You can even find easy DYI cleaning slime recipes online to make your own!

If you are someone with long hair, then you know the struggle with cleaning your brush. Even if you do clean your hairbrush, chances are there are a few strands left behind. The good news is, there is a new brush that will blow all your old hairbrushes away. The self-cleaning hairbrush has a pad at the base of the bristles. So, when it’s time to clean it, you just lift the pad, and gather all the hair and throw it away!