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The Cost of Living Around The World

Similar products are sold across the globe, but their prices can vary drastically. Based on specific factors, such as taxes and import duties, a product can have a $1 price tag in one country and a $50 price in another. Here’s a closer look at the cost of living around the world.

MAC cosmetics is a favorite makeup brand amongst beauty lovers, but depending on where you live, you may be paying a much higher price to get your hands on their products. When it comes to the brand’s standard lipsticks, they cost $17 in the United States. But in Germany, you’ll be paying $31.20, in Japan they cost $34.73, and in Australia, you’ll pay a whopping $36 just for one tube of lipstick.

When Uber launched, the company was marketed as a cost-effective alternative to pricey taxicab rides. But in some countries, requesting an Uber can be very expensive. For a 3 mile ride, it will cost you $1.17 in Jakarta, Indonesia, $13.67 in New York City, and $15.91 in London, England.

German-made Mercedes-Benz vehicles are the luxury car that most people dream of owning. Owning a Mercedes, with its elegant design and top-notch interior features, is definitely a status symbol. Although the vehicles are made in Germany, that doesn’t necessarily mean they cost less in that country. A Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe will cost you about $42,650 in the United States. In Germany, the car is priced at $56,140, and in Singapore, the car has an astronomical price tag of $253,888! So what’s the difference in the cost? Well, in Germany, taxes are tacked on to the original cost, making it a bit more expensive than in the U.S. And in Singapore, they charge a registration fee, duty fees, a certificate of entitlement fee, and the dealership also bumps up the price to make a hefty profit.

Going to the movie theater is a luxury some people don’t get to experience. Depending on where you live, you could be paying a few bucks to watch your favorite flick, like in Iran where the average movie ticket is just $2.00. In the Dominican Republic, the cost is $5.75. In the U.S., the average movie ticket is $9.51, and if you’re in Australia, you’re out of luck. The average movie ticket Down Under is priced at $31.94!

Were you shocked by the cost of living in various countries?